In Memory


Yesterday my parents took our childhood dog Tipper to play in the backyard in the sky. My sisters and I knew this was coming and that it definitely was time, but it didn’t make it any less sad.

Tipper was definitely an unusual dog.  In her 16 years she never fully behaved like a dog. When we first resued her she was terrified of my dad in a uniform(he was still in the army) which made us suspect that she was probably abused. We believe that  this explained some of her behavior. She was excellent at ignorning the calls of less desirable people to the point where we thought she was deaf–but then she would come running if she heard the can opener being taken out convincing us her ears were just fine. She was always trying to find a way to escape the house to have a fun romp around the neighborhood for a few hours. She liked to toy with you by letting you get close and then prancing away just when you were going to grab her collar. When we lived on a golf course she even interruped a tournament on one of her outings. In her prime, she would flirt with the husbands-to-be when they came to visit. She would move across the couch to wedge herself in between us and our beaus and just stare adoringly up at them. It was hilarious. She always looked like a puppy.  As she got older her eyes began to cloud over and she didn’t get as excited to watch the squirrels in the backyard. She began losing control of her bodily functions, and she would yelp if you tried to pet her or dry her paws off after being outside. My parents made the difficult decision to let her die in peace rather than watch her quality of life deteriorate into oblivion. She was a good dog but definitely unhappy and in pain.

Rest in peace Tipper.

We will miss you.  



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4 responses to “In Memory

  1. Aww…I’m sorry Kathy! I have great memories of Tipper as I spent half my life at your house during high school!! She was a sweet and always playful dog. I know that she became like a part of your family and will be missed. Our dog, Maddie, died this past Fall and my family felt the same way.

  2. Robin

    Aw, Tipper was such a good dog.

  3. Grommy

    Tipper was my shadow…..I will miss her. I want to add a few more memories to your list: The vet owner of Atascazoo would put her back in our yard when she would play Houdini. What nice service. I will shed a tear if I find any of her hidden treats in the house. She never was much of a guard dog, more like ‘Hey Y’all, come on in………..and leave the door open so I can run free! ‘ Yes, Tipper brought fun times to our family……I am glad she chose to stay with us, since she always came back after romping about. God creates such interesting and joy-bringing animals.

  4. I’m sorry about your dog. He lived a long time! Thanks for the blog support for all of the crazy people!

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