Dirk and I decided to change our ‘About’ page a few days ago, and I just wanted to let you know. Its hard to do your own bio in one paragraph and try to encapsulate all that you are, and so we didnt. I think we both just wrote what came to our mind at the moment about who we are. so it will probably change in a few months or weeks or days.

Since one of my bad habits is never finishing books I start–I think my ratio is about 1 to 8–we also included what books we are reading and ones we finished this year. Since Dirk almost always finishes the ones he starts, his first list will be much shorter than mine. I know that you will not check as often as I update it, but just knowing that you might will keep me on track–I hope.




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5 responses to “About

  1. Robin

    How was Tortialla Flat?

  2. Robin


  3. Robin

    No one answered my question 😦

    I’m sorry for my typo….please forgive me and tell me if the book is good. I would like to read it, but it costs as much as East of Eden. I want it to be worth the money.

    And I highly recommend Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is one of the more Christian books I have ever read.

  4. Robin

    Dang….another typo. I guess I left out the slash to stop the italics.

  5. The Littlefields

    Tortilla Flat was good. A short, easy, and interesting read. You could read it in a couple hours–or faster. I liked it because it was funny and easy to get, but the ending was sad.

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