Pictures for you!

I thought I would go ahead and post up some more recent pictures of Josiah. I have learned that–at least in Josiah’s case–that you cannot make too many gerneralizations about a child’s personality. Up until he could crawl we thought of him as peaceful and serene. When he started getting mobile, we added that he was patient and watchful–never in a hurry. Now, as he is on the verge of walking, we see he is extremely playful, persistent, intense, and observant. I think  playful is probably the biggest trait we are seeing right now.

An example: we had dinner with friends last week and the boys(Asher and Tye) were crawling all over. Whenever anyone was crawling or walking behind Josiah he instantly believed that they were ‘chasing’ him, and he couldnt stop giggling until he fell over waiting for them to come after him. It is so fun to watch him make a game out of things or to pick up on the games we are playing with him.

Here are some fun pictures of the past couple weeks, including: Josiah playing at home, what happened when I tried a headshot of Josiah and me, Josiah playing with the nipple of his new BPA-free bottle, his messiest meal ever(pictures do not do justice), bathtime, storytime at aforementioned dinner gathering with Kris and his mad animal impressions, Asher’s birthday party(Happy Birthday Asher!), and Josiah dismantling his bumper out of boredom. Enjoy! I wish I had more pictures of Dirk and the good king; I’ll do better!

[rockyou id=102051122]

Note: I cannot believe I forgot to mention this, but I think we have conquered our sleep-related issues! Thank you to my sister Amy for her coaching me through it so that I was finally able to let Josiah ‘cry it out’ and put himself to sleep. I hadn’t been rocking him or holding him, but I did pat his back to go to sleep. This meant whenever he woke up, he cried out for me to pat his back–even at 2am! It was rough the first day but now a week later, Josiah looks forward to sleep! There is hardly ever a wimper when I put him down and shut the door, and if he wakes up at night he puts himself back to sleep without waking us!! Wooohoo!



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2 responses to “Pictures for you!

  1. Cute pictures! Thanks for posting so many! It looks like you have quite the talented son. 🙂

  2. Grommy

    I absolutely love these new photos! Esp the one on your banner! Josiah is so cute. He is my all time favorite Josiah!!!!!

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