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In Memory


Yesterday my parents took our childhood dog Tipper to play in the backyard in the sky. My sisters and I knew this was coming and that it definitely was time, but it didn’t make it any less sad.

Tipper was definitely an unusual dog.  In her 16 years she never fully behaved like a dog. When we first resued her she was terrified of my dad in a uniform(he was still in the army) which made us suspect that she was probably abused. We believe that  this explained some of her behavior. She was excellent at ignorning the calls of less desirable people to the point where we thought she was deaf–but then she would come running if she heard the can opener being taken out convincing us her ears were just fine. She was always trying to find a way to escape the house to have a fun romp around the neighborhood for a few hours. She liked to toy with you by letting you get close and then prancing away just when you were going to grab her collar. When we lived on a golf course she even interruped a tournament on one of her outings. In her prime, she would flirt with the husbands-to-be when they came to visit. She would move across the couch to wedge herself in between us and our beaus and just stare adoringly up at them. It was hilarious. She always looked like a puppy.  As she got older her eyes began to cloud over and she didn’t get as excited to watch the squirrels in the backyard. She began losing control of her bodily functions, and she would yelp if you tried to pet her or dry her paws off after being outside. My parents made the difficult decision to let her die in peace rather than watch her quality of life deteriorate into oblivion. She was a good dog but definitely unhappy and in pain.

Rest in peace Tipper.

We will miss you.  



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Dirk and I decided to change our ‘About’ page a few days ago, and I just wanted to let you know. Its hard to do your own bio in one paragraph and try to encapsulate all that you are, and so we didnt. I think we both just wrote what came to our mind at the moment about who we are. so it will probably change in a few months or weeks or days.

Since one of my bad habits is never finishing books I start–I think my ratio is about 1 to 8–we also included what books we are reading and ones we finished this year. Since Dirk almost always finishes the ones he starts, his first list will be much shorter than mine. I know that you will not check as often as I update it, but just knowing that you might will keep me on track–I hope.



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New Laptop

About 3 1/2 years ago my dad graciously offered me one of his old laptops that he was not using any longer so that I would not have to purchase one for seminary use.  That laptop has been a great asset and my workhorse for the last three years.  Unfortunately laptops have more moving parts than desktops and over time the hardware can start to wear out.  This is the case with the aforementioned gift.  It also had trouble running some of the programs that I needed to run because of low memory, but overall I love that computer.  Yesterday I finally broke down and purchased a new laptop that my brother-in-law Clif recommended when he saw it on sale.  I am now the proud owner of a Levono IdeaPad Y510.  You may thinking that you have never heard of that brand and you are correct.  You may remember the name IBM and it is now Lenovo.  There will be a few things I miss about the old Compaq, but we must move on.  I’ll let you know how this new one works out.  I’m happy with it even though I had to take it back once already because of a faulty keyboard.  That is is another reason for this post, I needed to test it out.  Here are some of the features of the new fancy laptop:

  • 1.3 megapixel built in camera
  • Veriface software that allows for facial recognition instead of a password
  • A built in subwoofer
  • Surround sound
  • 250 gig hard drive! 
  • and Vista…..wait that may not be good

Click here to see a picture

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Pictures for you!

I thought I would go ahead and post up some more recent pictures of Josiah. I have learned that–at least in Josiah’s case–that you cannot make too many gerneralizations about a child’s personality. Up until he could crawl we thought of him as peaceful and serene. When he started getting mobile, we added that he was patient and watchful–never in a hurry. Now, as he is on the verge of walking, we see he is extremely playful, persistent, intense, and observant. I think  playful is probably the biggest trait we are seeing right now.

An example: we had dinner with friends last week and the boys(Asher and Tye) were crawling all over. Whenever anyone was crawling or walking behind Josiah he instantly believed that they were ‘chasing’ him, and he couldnt stop giggling until he fell over waiting for them to come after him. It is so fun to watch him make a game out of things or to pick up on the games we are playing with him.

Here are some fun pictures of the past couple weeks, including: Josiah playing at home, what happened when I tried a headshot of Josiah and me, Josiah playing with the nipple of his new BPA-free bottle, his messiest meal ever(pictures do not do justice), bathtime, storytime at aforementioned dinner gathering with Kris and his mad animal impressions, Asher’s birthday party(Happy Birthday Asher!), and Josiah dismantling his bumper out of boredom. Enjoy! I wish I had more pictures of Dirk and the good king; I’ll do better!

[rockyou id=102051122]

Note: I cannot believe I forgot to mention this, but I think we have conquered our sleep-related issues! Thank you to my sister Amy for her coaching me through it so that I was finally able to let Josiah ‘cry it out’ and put himself to sleep. I hadn’t been rocking him or holding him, but I did pat his back to go to sleep. This meant whenever he woke up, he cried out for me to pat his back–even at 2am! It was rough the first day but now a week later, Josiah looks forward to sleep! There is hardly ever a wimper when I put him down and shut the door, and if he wakes up at night he puts himself back to sleep without waking us!! Wooohoo!


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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I celebrated my birthday with Josiah. We comemorated this day by not doing any laundry, or packing any boxes. While Josiah napped (for 2 and a half hours!) I read blogs and Robinson Crusoe without any guilt. Then after he woke up and hand lunch he graciously accompanied me to a local used bookstore and Barnes & Noble to blow some of my birthday money. I picked up the following:

The Exile by Pearl S. Buck(used)
The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories by Leo Tolstoy(used)
Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck(used)
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton(used)
Middlemarch by George Eliot(used)
O Pioneers! by Willa Cather
The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy
Charlotte’s Webb with Stuart Little and the Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White (for $6!)
Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog by Kitty Burns Florey
A Great Improvisation by Stacy Schiff

I’m very excited about my new books, but this means I need to get to reading! I have monthly books with my book club and the Puritan Reading Challenge to keep up with before I can get into any of these gems. I’m really trying to finish books I start as this is a bad habit of mine.

Back to reading!


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Birthday Date

Last night(Friday) Dirk and I went on a fabulous date to celebrate my upcoming birthday on Monday. My parents were so kind as to let Josiah have his first sleepover at their house, and we went off to live it up in the Woodlands. We first went to Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse where we had some wonderful, wonderful steaks. Its so great when a place can get your medium-rare just right. Yum. I highly recommend this place. Its one of those places that the waiter will put your sweetener in your tea for you and scrape the crumbs off the table. The service is excellent and the food is worth every penny.

Then, since this was my birthday date night, we went to Borders to walk around for a while. This is not something Dirk really likes to do, so it was exciting for me. I picked up two new books that I have had on my list of books to get for a while: What to Eat by Marion Nestle, and The Education of Henry Adams by himself. Then, we checked in to the timeshare in Conroe, and drank some coffee and read! This only reveals my nerdiness, that this is what I would like to do on a dream date, but what can I say?

I checked in a couple times to see how Josiah did with my parents, and he did great! I’m so proud of him. He slept great, and didn’t miss a beat. We are happy to know that he can adjust pretty well to new situations. I woke up at 5 and then 6 and thought I wouldnt be able to go back to sleep since this is around the time that Josiah usually wakes us up for his morning bottle. Fortunately, sloth kicked in and I was able to go back to sleep until closer to 8. Dirk even took me to Panera after we got up so that we could have [sub-par] coffee and breakfast and read some more. Ah, it was great.

When we got back to Kingwood, Joisah had just woken up from his nap was having fun with Grommy and Poppy. I ws ready to scoop him up and give him lots of kisses. Being away for a night was fun, but it was even better coming back.


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