Josiah: 9 1/2 month update

Where to begin? Dirk and I are so thrilled to watch Josiah grow and learn–and he has been doing a lot of both lately! It makes my heart swell (cliche, I know) when we see him repeat something we’ve done, or try things out on his own. What a joy it is to be a parent! Since there is much I could say, I’ll just list it off in bullet point form:

  • We went to the doctor for his 9 month check up and here are his stats: 18lbs 13oz(25th percentile), 28 1/2 inches long (50th), and 47 units(?) head size(90th).
  • This makes sense since he fits into clothes labeled 9 months, but I always have issues getting his head through.
  • As you might notice, Josiah has gained about 4 1/2 lbs since his 6 month check up. I would say that solid foods agree with him 🙂
  • The doctor felt around his gums and said he wouldnt expect teeth before Josiah turned a year old. Since he has no teeth, he has become very proficient at gumming all kinds of food.
  • We were also told that we could expect him to start walking within a month. What?! I’m not prepared.
  • Wednesday Josiah started letting go regularly when he is standing up. This does not last more than 3 to 5 seconds but it is a start! Last night he tried/was encouraged to stand up about a dozen times, and he is gaining more confidence.
  • He has figured out how to clap this week and he loves doing it ALL the time–especially when he is supposed to be going to sleep. I guess he’s excited about nap time.
  • He is recognizing more and more words! We have been talking about parts of the face, and when we say ‘tongue’, he likes to stick his out(Asher taught him this, I’m pretty sure), and when we say ‘clap’, he starts clapping immediately
  • He now waves consistently and at appropriate times
  • Last night Dirk was talking into an empty puffs container, and Josiah was fascinated. Dirk held it up to let him talk and he tried it a few times; when Dirk put the container down Josiah picked it up and started talking into it himself! (He’s doing it again as I’m typing this)
  • Josiah is extremely curious and very persistent. If you move him away from something, or try to put up an obstacle to prevent him from reaching something(say, the TV), he will simply find some way to get around, through, or over said obstacle.
  • After a couple weeks of research we have Josiah riding in a brand new Britax Diplomat carseat. (Notice in the pictures his appreciation of having to be strapped in it in the house for a picture)
  • He is now taking baths in the ‘real’ bath, and loves it! Especially since he has some really cool pirate toys to play with(ok, its really me and Dirk that like to play with them)!

Here are a few pictures of the good king in his various activities of late. Also included are some sweet pictures of  newest nephew Winston Marshall, my sister’s little baby boy who is a month old today. He is so precious!

[rockyou id=99138275]



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4 responses to “Josiah: 9 1/2 month update

  1. Rebecca

    What cute pictures!! He makes precious little expressions on his face! He is growing up so quickly…I realize more and more everyday to cherish what Graham is doing right now. It is hard not to wish for things to come, but I know he won’t stay small for long!

  2. Jamie

    Love those Thomas p.j.’s! Walking within a month??? He is a fast learner! Those are great pictures–he is such a cutie and has such a sweet smile!

  3. Robin

    I think the second picture is my favorite…and the upside down one…and, nevermind, there are a ton of cute ones. I just love his smile!

  4. GranGran

    I just have to watch the pics every couple of nites for my Josiah “fix”. I miss ya’ll bunches. He is adorable! I need to squeeze him.

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