Hooray! He’s back!

If you have never been to Purgatorio, you should stop reading this and go right now. I’ll wait.






Its great, isnt it?  Purgatorio is the website that I think pulled Dirk and I into checking blogs regularly. It is wonderful. He had taken a break about a year ago, and recently we discovered that he is posting again!!  He takes a very honest look at all the weird things that you see in your neighborhood Christian bookstore, or on church billboards around town. If you have ever wondered about the sanity about the buyer for the Christian bookstore, or laughed at the absurdity of the Christian books stocked in Barnes & Noble (Claire), you will find a goldmine at Purgatorio. Just be careful, because if you are burdened for the American Church it might make you really sad.

 Here are some gems to get you warmed up: Help! I’m Going Hyper!, You Might Be Emerging If…, His Collection of Church Signs, and another collection of Kitschy Christian Paraphanalia.

 There  is a lot of good stuff to explore, so get over there and enjoy!



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4 responses to “Hooray! He’s back!

  1. Robin

    Purgatorio showed up again in my rss reader last month since I never deleted it when he stopped blogging. Woohoo!

    Funny stuff, but yes, it is sad.

  2. Jamie

    Thanks for pointing out his return–I forgot how much I llike him. I re-read the Help, I’m Going hyper–too funny!!

  3. Jamie

    I forgot that’s where we got the “Lord willing, Lord willing from.” 🙂

  4. The Littlefields

    I know! I almost said something about that in the post and figured it would take to much time to explain to others. Ah, good times. (Lord willing, Lord willing)

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