The Bourne Ultimatum (December Challenge #29)

We just watched The Bourne Ultimatumthis evening.  I would like to take this opportunity to recommend it to you.  I wouldn’t watch it first like some people I know.  Instead it is wise to watch the first two movies and finish up with this one. This movie ties up loose ends that are left unfinished in the first 2 movies.  Let me say that it is very creative in the way that this movie and the 2nd movie are tied together, I don’t want to give more details and ruin it.  If you have seen the first two movies go and rent this one, it is worth it. 

Things I we write about to make 31 posts.–Dirk


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One response to “The Bourne Ultimatum (December Challenge #29)

  1. Jenny

    I liked that movie. I watched it this break also. I never saw the first one, but I saw the second in the theaters. I really enjoy movies like those.

    Don’t feel bad about the posts, mine are terrible to meet the challenge.

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