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New Horizons

When Jamie and I started bringing our little ones to the organic co-op on a weekly basis, I never knew how it would change my cooking habits. We haven’t gone back since around October I’m sad to report, but what I really enjoyed(besides the wonderful lunch that followed and scintillating conversation) was the challenge to try food I had never seen before and figure out how to cook it. A good example would be kale. I had never even heard of it before I picked it up in my share, and now its one of our favorite vegetables. Since then, I have been having fun at the grocery store finding out new vegetables and experimenting with cooking them. Dirk is very open to new tastes and it has been fun to see what we had been missing out on this whole time. I decided to list out what we have tried so far in hopes that you too will see your produce section with new eyes.*

 Kale: I absolutely love this leafy green. I cook it on the stove with onions, canola oil(we don’t like olive oil around here and canola oil is better for you), garlic and a little salt and pepper. Its so great when its a little crispy and bright green. Yum. We eat this all the time.

Bok Choy: We just tried this and its really good sauteed with a little garlic and soy sauce. The leaves are good, but the stalk has a yummy texture. We’ll be getting this more often, for sure.

Brussel Sprouts: Dirk grew up eating these, and my parents may have made them once or twice, but I have no memory. The episode of the Cosby Show where Rudy sat the whole time at the table not eating brussel sprouts made an impression on me, and I never wanted to try them. We cut them in half, roasted them with a little oil, salt, and pepper until they were crispy and soft. Tip: I highly recommend these, but when  you take them out of the oven, let them sit for a few minutes before you eat–their flavor will settle and get yummy.

Green Cabbage: OK, I know this is not a foreign food but I received a full head in my share at the co-op and had to figure out what to do with it. Besides putting it in coleslaw, I had never seen anyone cook with it. I ‘stir fried’ it with chicken stock, and steamed it a little while. Tasty!

Leeks: YUMM. This is a GREAT vegetable. The night I picked up some leeks was the night we had baked potatoes, and I had cooked them on the oven until they were soft. They are good fresh–they taste like an onion without the bite–but cooked, they are sweet with a blend of garlic and onion flavors. We put them on out potatoes and they were EXCELLENT. I pick up a bunch every time I’m at the store now.

Rutabaga: Olivia, my niece, was talking about rutabaga from a cartoon she’d seen, so I thought I’d try it out myself. It tastes like a cross between a radish and a sweet potato. Weird, huh? I read it was great with mashEd potatoes, so we mashed them up together. They were good and not overpowering. Just make sure that you let them cook longer than the potatoes.

That’s all I can think of! I hope you check out all the random things that your grocer carries and try one or two of them out. So far we’ve been very pleased with what we’ve tried!

*I would like to note that many of these foods are not that unusual to many people, but they were to me–shows you how limited I was in my shopping before.



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A Scientologist on Scientology…



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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As we pulled into the empty public library parking lot it dawned on me that this was MLK day.  I knew it was because I wasn’t at work, but I hadn’t thought about it at all.  I respect the work that Dr. King did, however I’m disappointed that it wasn’t all for the name of Christ.  Now before you go and jump all over me let me recommend his autobiography that was edited by Clayborne Carson.  Mr. Carson took Dr. King’s writings and turned them into one of the best autobiographies I’ve ever read.  I really like much of Dr. King’s writings and his unique way of rebuking white supremacists that claimed and made a mockery of Christ.  While his work for racial equality is second to none and we as a country are deeply indebted to his long labor; I wish I could say with certainty from reading this book that he was a Christian.  Several places in his book point to his rejection of points of Christian orthodoxy and while he may have come back to the historical orthodox Christian beliefs; I didn’t find it in this book.  That aside I can’t encourage you enough to read his autobiography.  I am thankful my seminary church history professor Miles Mullin who required me to read it. 

This was not my first book to read about the civil rights movement.  In college I was required to read Warriors Don’t Cry  by Melba Patitllo Beals.  I have loved them both and hope that you read them and never forget our history so that we can stay away from those mistakes in the future.

Wow, 2 posts in 2 days–Dirk

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He signs!!

This morning when Josiah woke up, we could hear him crawl around, talking to himself for a little while. For those of you who may not know, we live in a one-bedroom apartment and Josiah’s crib is about 18 inches from the foot of our bed. This arrangement has some definite pluses like being able to jump up to respond when he wakes up for no reason in the middle of the night. It also was nice when he was really little, and I knew when he needed to eat. But as anyone can imagine it definitely has its drawbacks as well.  

 Anyway, this morning as most mornings go, Josiah woke us up first by tossing his pacifier out of the crib and next by standing up and bouncing while he called out to us. This morning when I sat up he looked at me, opened up his hand, and then put it to his mouth very slowly. I asked him, “Do you want to eat?”, and he did it again! At this point, Dirk had sat up and witnessed it as well! We were both so excited to be communicating with him we started cheering, and Josiah started clapping and laughing!

Ah, it is amazing that we are starting to understand each other! Dirk and I have been signing to Josiah–mostly food related signs–for about 4 months, and he has been doing the ‘all done’ and ‘more’ sign off and on for a couple weeks. But this was so exciting to see him do a sign by himself–we haven’t seen him do ‘eat’ ever, and here he was trying to tell us to get out of bed because he was hungry! Amazing.

 We are going to have to learn more signs quickly as I have read babies go through spurts where they absorb signs very quickly. Yikes!

 Yesterday we taugh him ‘gig’em’, and he is working on it, but sticking that thumb up is tricky. He makes his hand into a fist and then tries by putting his pointer up. Its great. Its neat to see him imitate what we do.

 I’ll try to get documentation of these events, but you know babies…

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Looky! Looky!

I just wanted to show off my pretty new shoes! I have been waiting to get new running shoes for a while now–hoping to reward myself for reaching my goal weight, butI have decided to let these beauties lead me to my goal weight. Since as you might have read below Dirk is entering his school’s ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge, and I am joining with him, I thought this would be the right time to replace my 2 year old pair of kicks. Those were Asics 2110s and these are 2130s. The expectation is that the extra 20 units of whatever will make my running jogging easier and more pleasurable. So far, I have been extremely pleased with them. They have many upgrades that I love and I didn’t even notice them while I was hitting the treadmill–which is really the point. Anyway here they are, aren’t they lovely?

new shoes!

Oh, and here is a cute one of the good king. We really loved his hair this morning, and couldnt resist capturing it while he ate his breakfast:

hairfairy 2


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2 things to post about…no wait 3

I haven’t posted since the new year began so I probably should.  First, at TMS some of the staff members are going to participate in a biggest loser challenge.  I’ve never actually seen the TV show, but from what I understand people lost weight to win the game.  Well naturally I would like to be back to a former weight and I know quite a bit about wellness etc (I just don’t apply it), so I decided to play.  At first my sinful nature starting thinking of all the ways I could inflate my weight at the first weigh-in without actually gaining any weight (all those things we athletic trainers hate to see athletes do).  But then my conscience kicked in and I know that isn’t right.  So now I have to find a healthy way (so I can set an example as the health teacher) to win this game.  Why must I win you ask?  50 participants, $10 entry fee, winner take all.  You do the math.  I am going on a strict eating and running schedule for the next 8 weeks to lose the largest percentage of body weight and win this thing.  I enlisted Kathy and so we’ll be doing this together, please watch for updates.  The bad thing is that I lost about 5 pounds the last 2 weeks….not a good way to start.  Maybe I can eat some Crisco tomorrow to gain it back…..just kidding.

Second, while Kathy was gone running this evening Josiah and I ran across a most interesting Daystar television show.  Both the man and woman claimed to be pastors.  Yup not a good start.  (If you don’t see a problem with a woman as a pastor I would recommend reading 2 Timothy and Titus and check out this article)  The first thing I heard the man say was “many people are scared of prosperity.”  Now that got my attention.  I new immediately that these two were going to be teaching that the Bible says we as Christians should be rich.  Then here it came.  He said he gets asked “Pastor, I tithe, give extra, live the Christian life, why am I not prospering?” Finally someone called them out on their lies.  He then commenced on a less than helpful rant about “first fruits,” as he called them.  It pretty much a veiled way of saying we should give money to him and to the lady (who was the TV show host).  HMMMMM…….it sounds like a plan for those two to prosper and not the poor soul asking the question.  I can’t help but to here Paul’s words ringing in my ears:

NAS 2 Corinthians 11:25 Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, a night and a day I have spent in the deep.

Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound like a guy who was prospering.  Was he a failure?  Do any of the NT Christians prosper financially?  I’m not seeing this teaching as anything but a hinderance to the gospel.

UPDATE:  John Mark commented about this article in relation to the prosperity gospel.  Paula White is listed as one of the people being investigated by the senate and it was her TV I was watching.  I won’t even begin to talk about the implications of the government looking at church stuff, financial or other.  It would take several posts to understand the church-state implications of this investigation and I honestly don’t want to spend the time writing about that.

Finally, I’ve been working on translating Romans and I have been amazed at some of the things and want to share.  In Romans 1:14 Paul talks about being a debtor to the Greek and barbarian and to the wise and foolish.  It seems at first reading that this statement isn’t that significant, but it is.  Paul has not only made a full and complete transformation from is former self he is proclaiming that the Gospel is for the Gentiles and he isn’t ashamed of it.  In fact he is eager to preach to all who are in Rome.  That isn’t too earth-shattering to most people.  But what I have found to be is his use of the word debtor to describe his relationship with the non-Jews not only in Rome but the world.  Why debtor?  That normally indicates that they have given something to him he must pay back.  That, however,  is not the case, they did nothing of the sort.  He is a slave to Christ and a called apostle (Rom 1:1) to the Gentiles therefore his life is endebted to preaching to them.  This is why he uses the term and it is humbling. 

 Well there ya go, I posted.  –Dirk

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Josiah: 9 1/2 month update

Where to begin? Dirk and I are so thrilled to watch Josiah grow and learn–and he has been doing a lot of both lately! It makes my heart swell (cliche, I know) when we see him repeat something we’ve done, or try things out on his own. What a joy it is to be a parent! Since there is much I could say, I’ll just list it off in bullet point form:

  • We went to the doctor for his 9 month check up and here are his stats: 18lbs 13oz(25th percentile), 28 1/2 inches long (50th), and 47 units(?) head size(90th).
  • This makes sense since he fits into clothes labeled 9 months, but I always have issues getting his head through.
  • As you might notice, Josiah has gained about 4 1/2 lbs since his 6 month check up. I would say that solid foods agree with him 🙂
  • The doctor felt around his gums and said he wouldnt expect teeth before Josiah turned a year old. Since he has no teeth, he has become very proficient at gumming all kinds of food.
  • We were also told that we could expect him to start walking within a month. What?! I’m not prepared.
  • Wednesday Josiah started letting go regularly when he is standing up. This does not last more than 3 to 5 seconds but it is a start! Last night he tried/was encouraged to stand up about a dozen times, and he is gaining more confidence.
  • He has figured out how to clap this week and he loves doing it ALL the time–especially when he is supposed to be going to sleep. I guess he’s excited about nap time.
  • He is recognizing more and more words! We have been talking about parts of the face, and when we say ‘tongue’, he likes to stick his out(Asher taught him this, I’m pretty sure), and when we say ‘clap’, he starts clapping immediately
  • He now waves consistently and at appropriate times
  • Last night Dirk was talking into an empty puffs container, and Josiah was fascinated. Dirk held it up to let him talk and he tried it a few times; when Dirk put the container down Josiah picked it up and started talking into it himself! (He’s doing it again as I’m typing this)
  • Josiah is extremely curious and very persistent. If you move him away from something, or try to put up an obstacle to prevent him from reaching something(say, the TV), he will simply find some way to get around, through, or over said obstacle.
  • After a couple weeks of research we have Josiah riding in a brand new Britax Diplomat carseat. (Notice in the pictures his appreciation of having to be strapped in it in the house for a picture)
  • He is now taking baths in the ‘real’ bath, and loves it! Especially since he has some really cool pirate toys to play with(ok, its really me and Dirk that like to play with them)!

Here are a few pictures of the good king in his various activities of late. Also included are some sweet pictures of  newest nephew Winston Marshall, my sister’s little baby boy who is a month old today. He is so precious!

[rockyou id=99138275]


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