Tour of Texas: The Good and The Bad (December Challenge #28)

Kathy got the easy posts to do and I got the hard ones.  Here are some of the good and bad of the trip.  I’ll start with the bad because it makes the good seem better.

The Bad:

-The Kroger in Conroe on Loop 336 is colder than 45 degrees.  That was the temperature outside and it was colder inside.
-“Forgetting” our toiletries, buying new stuff (including prescriptions) on the way and then finding them after 2 days in Hamlin.  Are you really surprised by this???
-Not finding the Geocache in the Neinda cemetery
-A terrible head wind that dropped the gas mileage about 5 MPG in the Saturn.
-TAMU losing to Penn State
-So that makes for a good trip with so few bad things

The Good:

-Mike Sherman starts as TAMU head coach…..WOO HOO
-Seeing family
-Eating steak 3 times, and all the other good food
-Working on the farm some, I like doing that in small doses
-Gift exchanges where people were happy
-Did I mention seeing family?
-There are many many more, but who has time to list them all



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One response to “Tour of Texas: The Good and The Bad (December Challenge #28)

  1. The Littlefields

    Hey Dirk! I know how loyal you are to TAMU BUT….. family should still come first!! But that ‘s OK, I still love ya! Mom

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