We’re Back! (December Challenge #24)

I bet you thought we forgot about our blog, or maybe we dropped off the planet. Well not to worry, we were only on our Tour of Texas: Holiday Edition! We had a blast, but I must say I think all three of us were ready to get back to our own beds and get our clothes out of suitcases. More posts will follow with pictures, but here is a nice one of the three of us:


(click to enlarge)

Josiah was wonderful! I was little worried about how he would make it sleeping in his pack’n’play for 8 nights and keeping a busy social calendar, but shouldn’t have. He ate, slept, played and pooped like a champ. We had a great time seeing family and watching all the cousins play together!

I didnt notice that he had grown so much in a week, but when we stopped in to see my parents and pick up more Christmas presents(hooray!) they were amazed at how much chubbier he was! He feet are a little puffier, his fat rolls have more fat, and his hair is a little thicker. I can’t wait to put up more pictures, but obviously I will have to save those for the remaining seven posts we need!




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