Wish Lists (December Challenge #16)

I have this little habit: Once a month or so I spend hours on Amazon and build my wishlist. Its really only for my use, I do not think many people happen to search Amazon when trying to decide on a gift for me(of course, I would never turn my nose up to a gift from it!). I like to search the recommendations for me and then read the reviews of books that interest me and add then to my list. I think my public list has 88 titles right now, yes I said public. It is possible that I might have several private lists that I keep for my own use.  I even created a list for JosiahDirk has one too, but its not as vigorously attended to like mine. I just wanted to share, in case there are other wishlist junkies out there.



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One response to “Wish Lists (December Challenge #16)

  1. Robin

    Um, yes, I like my Amazon wishlist. Although I don’t spend hours updating it every month.

    We share one list though, so our wishlist has all kinds of stuff on it – theology books, history books, war books, books about fishing and hiking, classic fiction, and Ranch Style Beans. That’s right. Ranch Style Beans. They don’t sell those things up here. What’s that all about?

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