Weird. (December Challenge #17)

Did anyone notice this new holiday gift idea?

If you choose not to click on the link, it is a “Paula Deen Egg and 2 Slice Toaster” from Walmart. I have noticed this item prominently displayed on endcaps at recent trips to Walmart, no doubt a push for holiday shoppers.

It strikes me as an incredibly strange mix of appliances to put to gether and have promoted by the down-home cook. It reminds me of the “Tracy Jordan Meat Machine” (anybody see that 30 Rock episode?), a product that a celebrity slaps his or her name on in order to make a few quick bucks, regardless of how terrible the product is.

Maybe the Egg and 2 Slice Toaster is fabulous. Maybe I just haven’t had to joy of making a homemade egg mcmuffin, so I dont know what I’m missing. If any of you get this product for Christmas let me know how it goes.



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2 responses to “Weird. (December Challenge #17)

  1. I am very very confused. I have a thing attached to my blog that says where all my visitors have come from, such as bookmark, google search, etc. Earlier today it said that someone came to my page from this post. I came to it expecting maybe something random that you linked to my page, but no. Weird.

  2. Oh, and way to give mention to one of the funniest shows on TV, 30 Rock. I’d love to have a Tracy Jordan Meat Machine. Except for the boiling grease shot at your face part.

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