Roe V. Wade (December Challenge #15)

What do you know about this controversial Supreme Court case? I saw this quiz on Justin Taylor’s blog, and I was shocked at how little I know about this landmark decision. See how well you do and then post up your score here for comparison. I only scored 25%, so I was a little surprised.



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2 responses to “Roe V. Wade (December Challenge #15)

  1. Jamie

    66.67% I was surprised that our laws make it easiest to have an abortion. It is so heartbreaking the more I learn about how permissive we are as a nation towards this sin. God has been so merciful towards us but for how much longer?

  2. Robin

    I was 25%, too. Very sad (not that I scored so low but about how easy it is to have an abortion).

    Oh, your poem is up. If you don’t like it, just imagine all the time I spent trying to think of words that start with specific letters and then trying to make everything rhyme. Hopefully that will make it better.

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