Why do we spend any money? (December Challenge #11)

I dont know the last time I bought Josiah a toy. Please don’t think he is deprived, However. He has lots of toys inherited from his cousins, given from grandparents, and received at showers. But like most babies, the things that interest him the most are not those toys that are designed specifically to increase some developmental skill. Josiah likes to hold remotes, play with magazines and fiddle with hangers. (All with parent supervision, of course!)

Recently, I brought out some classics: a couple pots, a wooden spoon, an empty cereal box, and some measuring spoons. They were a huge hit! In fact, he is playing with them as I type. Here is a picture from about 5 minutes ago:

Josiah’s toys

Yes, we finally have a exersaucer! (He only lasts in it about 10 or 15 minutes, however) As you can see he loves his spoons. In fact he has already tired of the toys on the saucer, but the spoons continue to entertain.

I remember my favorite activity was playing in the drawer reserved just for me in the kitchen that was full of dried beans. My mom let me use kitchen utensils to make culinary creations out of those beans as she cooked dinner. Its amazing that I remember that, but I have no recollection of any ‘toys’ (with the exception of My Little Ponies, of course).

 Anybody else remember playing with stuff not traditionally thought of as toys?



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One response to “Why do we spend any money? (December Challenge #11)

  1. Robin

    I was a huge fan of boxes. Even when I was older, I like then. My parents bought a new fridge once, and I built a fort of sorts with the massive box. I slept in it for a week, and then my mom finally made me get rid of it.

    And although I don’t remember it, my mom tells me I used to play with a pot and wooden spoon while she did stuff in the kitchen. I like the bean drawer idea – much quieter than banging on pots and pans.

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