Update (December Challenge #12)

I walked into the bedroom to get Josiah after his nap, he had been talking to himself for about 15 minutes. I walked up and he was standing up without holding onto anything!!!! Ah! Too soon!!

I thought it was a fluke and emailed to tell Dirk and he said he’s seen him try several times before, but fell down. WHAT!?!?

 Our little boy is so little! We’ll all killour backs trying to bend over and hold his hand should he try to walk by himself.

He’s changing so fast.



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3 responses to “Update (December Challenge #12)

  1. Jamie

    What!!! I’m telling you–he is a little athelete! That is crazy! Asher just figured out today how to pull up in his bed.

  2. The Littlefields

    Oh man! Let the fun begin….

  3. Jamie

    Correction–he pulled up to his knees, which sadly is progress. I think we are many moons away from standing. I better have a walker by July though!!!

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