Long Overdue (December Challenge #9)

I realized I never shared Josiah’s 6 months photos–from two months ago! Once again. Chase did a wonderful job!

 [rockyou id=94077407]

I think the funniest things about the pictures are what he is doing with his mouth in several of them.

Also, Josiah is now waving!! When I capture it, I’ll try to post a picture of his new skill.He has done it bunches of times, with witnesses, but Dirk has yet to see it. Its just like the time that Dirk was sure he signed for ‘more’, but has never done it again. Riiiiiight.



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3 responses to “Long Overdue (December Challenge #9)

  1. Grommy

    He is my Favorite Josiah, hands down!!!!!
    These are so cute!

  2. Jamie

    Those are such great pictures!!! He is so cute and his little expressions are priceless! I love the ones at the computer–doing a little research?

  3. Robin

    I love those pictures! He did a really great job. The ones with the laptop are my favorites, too.

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