The end of the mobile. (December Challenge #7)

When Josiah was about 6 weeks old we invested in a mobile for his crib. It was colorful, whimsical, and played classical music. It had little creatures that were abstract interpretations of farm animals (see pictures below), and many annoying little beads that slapped against each other as it turned. It initially drove us crazy, but then it bacame part of its charm. Josiah sure didn’t seem to mind. It was with consternation that I read it was recommended for infants up to 5 months.  What would happen if he had it past that age? It certainly wasn’t a choking hazard. I figured that maybe some advanced children were able to reach up and destroy their little picasso-esque friends while in the crib.  But when Josiah hit 5 months I saw no need to take down his little naptime friends. Even as he began to sit up in bed there was no way to reach them. Pulling up in bed didnt seem to put the little guys in danger either since his arms were always occupied with hanging onto the railing.

However, two nights ago Josiah–that crafty little boy–figured out how to turn the mobile on and off! We were trying to get him to sleep(a new challenge since he likes to stand up until he passes out) and he crawled over to the mobile control panel and pushed the ‘power’ button! He then turned it off. At the time I thought it was a fluke and held him until he fell asleep to keep him from trying again. But around the time Josiah wakes up at about 3am(a new pattern that we hope will fix itself after he cuts his teeth) Dirk heard some rustling and then the familiar tunes of the mobile. He turned to me and asked if I did it, but I was sound asleep! Josiah turned it off again, and then Dirk was able to get him back to sleep.

The next day after church, when I put him in his crib, it was a race to get to the mobile. Him to turn it on, me to get it out of there! It was too close to call, but Josiah was definitely heartbroken when it was gone. I thought about playing the music from the mobile from outside the crib but figured that would be torture for him. Josiah is resilient enough that I am confident that he will find something else play with in or near his crib. Last night it was clanking his pacifier against the rails like a prisoner.

That little stinker.

Here are a few pictures to remember our mobile friends by:

Goat cow Donkey

Farewell, old friends.


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