Pictures of me. (December Challenge #8)

Sound a little self-involved? It is. I just feel like there are so few pictures of Josiah and me that I like so I have to post this one up because I’m not unhappy with it. Even though Josiah it looking away, he’s always cute. Its me that I have a problem with. Dirk has a bunch of cute ones because they both always look good, and I’m usually holding the camera. SO here’s the one I like:

 Josiah and mom at the hospital

Also, my sister had her baby today! Lainey Belle is so sweet. She has a wonderful set up chubby cheeks that are just priceless. I just wanted to share a picture of how cute she is:

Lainey Belle




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3 responses to “Pictures of me. (December Challenge #8)

  1. Jamie

    Cute pics of you and little Lainey! She is adorable! Congrats!

  2. John

    I didn’t know you cute your hair…it looks great! and that is an adorable picture of you and Josiah!


  3. Adorable picture of you! You both look great!

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