Short Book Recommendation (December Challenge #5)

Some of you may remember way back in the first months of this year I decided to switch the blog over to this wordpress page.  Little did I know that Kathy would high-jack it by changing the appearance and dominating the content.  I’m not too upset about it as I really don’t have time to post or read posts during the seminary semester.  (Dr. Hamilton has a great paper about wasting time on the internet here)  I’m glad that she can keep the legacy alive.

On to the real topic at hand.  This semester as a requirement of my Systematic Theology class I had to read Dr. Bruce Ware’s book Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.  It is an outstanding look at the trinity and it helped me personally reinforce my understanding of this doctrin.  Dr. Ware has done all Christians a service by writing this short book.  It is only 158 pages long and contrary to what some people might think it is NOT written for seminarians and pastors only.  The language of the book makes for an easy straightforward read.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone for help understanding the Trinity.  In this book Dr. Ware explains the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity, the history of the understanding of the Trinity, chapters on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and finally how the three persons relate to each other. 

On a side note I really like how he explains how the Trinity is important to prayer.  You’ll have to read it to find out what he says.

The one who doesn’t post much–Dirk


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