In praise of my coffee press (December Challenge #6)

Wow, we are on a roll! Only 2 days in and we are 20% done! Maybe we should shoot for 50 posts in December. I would like to note that Dirk’s little comment about me ‘hijacking’ the blog is not entirely true. I started the blog in the first place, and Dirk only switched it to WordPress. I changed the background only with his permission, and I can’t help it that he never posts. What am I supposed to do, wait until he can post too to put anything up? I don’t think so.

French Press

I wanted to take a post to talk about my new favorite thing. The coffee press, also known as a french press. I read about how much better the coffee tastes with a coffee press on a few blogs and was intruiged. I mentioned it to my mom and she offered up their press to try, since they weren’t using it anymore. We had to wait until we were done with our current supply of coffee since it has to be ground up a little coarser for the press.  When we were finally ready to partake, we were curious if we would be able to taste a difference.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was so wonderful! It was so much more flavorful. I finally knew the meaning of the term ‘robust’ was since that was the perfect word to describe the coffee taste. Since the coffee grounds float in the water for a few minutes, the water really absorbs the flavor right from the beans. It really tastes like coffee. This is definitely not for those who use coffee solely as a drug to stay awake in the morning. It takes a little more set up and clean up than the conventinal coffee maker, but it is so worth it.

 I guess this makes us coffee snobs. It will be hard to go back to regular drip coffee. We grind up our beans right before we put them in the press so we retain maximum freshness. The only thing that we need to complete our snobbery is to start buying filtered water to use exclusively for coffee. We’ve heard it really makes a difference.

The only problem is we dont know what we are going to do when we leave town for several days without it. Do we pack our water heater, our coffee grinder and our press? Do we bring our own beans? Do we just go without? I can survive a day without coffee–that is not the problem. But what do we do without our press? I guess we just have to accept that we are nerds and that we dont have to bring our own coffee maker wherever we go.

I’m afraid that darn press has ruined us.



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4 responses to “In praise of my coffee press (December Challenge #6)

  1. John

    So being the coffee Master that I am I will add you in your addiction. First of all The Four Keys to a great cup of coffee are Water, Proportion, Freshness, and Grind, and you seem to have it all down but the water it make a gigantic difference in the taste of Coffee, after all a cup of Coffee is 98% water so you need great water for a great cup of coffee.

    Also, if you guys are out and about, and Respectable coffee shop, and this includes Starbucks, will make a french press ondemand of and of your favorite coffees that the have on hand, freshly ground beans and verything, and its only like $3.50 for a whole press and it makes like 8-12 Cups.
    (disclaimer: if you want the baristas to like you at all try to not order that in the middle of a rush or if you do please allow them extra time to make a great cup of coffee for you, it really is anoying to make something extra special for people bein extra rude about it… speaking from experiance)

  2. The Littlefields

    Yeah Dirk had some drip coffee that was made with filtered water and he said it definitely made a difference. We’ll have to try it out sometime.

    Oh man, that would so complete the look: traveling for Christmas with our own coffee grinder, french press, water heater, whole beans and filtered water.

    Surely we wouldn’t get made fun of, right?

  3. Grommy

    ahhhhhhhhh, I think I want my press back………..I forgot how great coffee can be…if made right!

  4. Brent

    I agree with John, water makes a huge difference. God is good to give us a French press. Once you are a coffee snob there is no turning back, happy snobbery.

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