Ron Paul (December Post #1)

I know that it is probably unrealistic and considered ‘throwing away my vote’, I just want to go on the record and say that I support Ron Paul for President. I dabbled with Mike Huckabee for a week, and it seems like he is the new Christian conservative candidate that everybody wishes for, but I kept coming back the compelling ideas of Ron Paul.

 Being a US history teacher for a year and a half, I learned to love and appreciate our history, and the process involved in creating the United States. I loved teaching about the Constitution, its limitations and powers granted. I loved discussing the structure and contents of the document–it was so well done, so well thought out. But the frustrating thing about it was telling students how the government has changed the rules and we live in a definitely ‘loose contructionist’ country. There are a lot of really good things that US does that I am thankful for, but it seems like the rules don’t apply in a lot of arenas, and the Constitution is no longer the law of the land. It no longer is the standard by which leaders measure their actions. In fact, the only time we may discuss the Constitution at all, is when a Supreme Court decision handed down that declares a law ‘unconstitutional’. It seems that the general public regards this term as meaning wrong. In fact, declaring something unconstitutional simply means that it is beyond the scope of[who am I kidding, they would never say that], or contradicts the Constitution and therefore cannot be enforced as law.

I digress.

My point in saying all that is that Ron Paul is definitely a ‘strict constructionist’. He desires to make the federal government beholden only to the powers granted(not implied) in the Constitution. I love that about him. I know a lot of his ideas are considered radical (i.e., the dissolition of the CIA, NEA, IRS and other federal programs) and that it is unrealistic in today’s America, but can’t we support a candidate based on ideas and philosophy rather than pragmatism? Lets be honest, we should all concede that 99% of our candidates’ promises–as sincere as they may be–will never materialize. So I choose to vote for an individual who I can say with a clean conscience that I support, even though I know most of his ideas may never come to fruition.

One other aspect that I love about Ron Paul is his stance on abortion. Abortion is the supreme dealbreaker for most of my friends in regards to politics. A lot of Christians are one-issue voters and vote Republican because of the pro-life stance of most Republican leaders. Ron Paul is an OBG-YN and has delivered over 4,000 babies,and naturally is pro-life. He has stated that in all the cases he has seen, he has never seen a life-threatening pregnancy that necessitated the termination of the  pregnancy. He states that although he absolutely opposes it, he also believes that it is a state issue, and not a federal issue. He states that the national government has overstepped its bounds(as it has in countless other areas) in weighing in a local-level issue in which each individual state should decide how it wants to handle it. I am fully confident that the outcome Roe v. Wade would not hold up in the majority of US states.

 For even these few reasons, I heartily give my support and my vote to Ron Paul.

 Oh, and did I mention he is from Texas?




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4 responses to “Ron Paul (December Post #1)

  1. Jamie

    I’m with you on R.P. But then I caved and went Huckabee. I’ve never heard someone have such a balanced and logical view of how to approach our nation’s problems and I hate that he never got the coverage he deserves.

  2. observe

    “throwing away my vote” – is voting for anybody but Ron Paul. What will you have?
    same old, same old plus frustration for 4 more year

  3. The Littlefields

    Woohoo! This is my first link to a ‘serious’ blog of any kind. I feel so smart. Maybe I should try to put more of my opinions in to the written word.

  4. russandb

    I am in total agreement to your blog entry. I would say that if “we” as a people actually voted on the issues at hand and not on the likeliness of the candidate to be elected, Ron Paul would win,..hands down. By the way, his fundraising is ever-increasing and you just never know what could happen. I think that there has actually been 1 debate on network TV so there are probably alot of people who have never heard of him…lets get the word out.

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