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Tour of Texas: The Good and The Bad (December Challenge #28)

Kathy got the easy posts to do and I got the hard ones.  Here are some of the good and bad of the trip.  I’ll start with the bad because it makes the good seem better.

The Bad:

-The Kroger in Conroe on Loop 336 is colder than 45 degrees.  That was the temperature outside and it was colder inside.
-“Forgetting” our toiletries, buying new stuff (including prescriptions) on the way and then finding them after 2 days in Hamlin.  Are you really surprised by this???
-Not finding the Geocache in the Neinda cemetery
-A terrible head wind that dropped the gas mileage about 5 MPG in the Saturn.
-TAMU losing to Penn State
-So that makes for a good trip with so few bad things

The Good:

-Mike Sherman starts as TAMU head coach…..WOO HOO
-Seeing family
-Eating steak 3 times, and all the other good food
-Working on the farm some, I like doing that in small doses
-Gift exchanges where people were happy
-Did I mention seeing family?
-There are many many more, but who has time to list them all



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The End of Christmas 2007 (December Challenge #27)

Ok, I realize that I am reaching with this last one, but since its 9pm on the last night of December and we need 4 more posts, here you are. We stopped at my parents house as we got in town to pick up final Christmas presents and feed Josiah. He was excited to eat, and was giddy to get out of the car:

[rockyou id=97082970]

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Christmas in Daingerfield (December Challenge #26)

Here are more favorites, but if we didnt take enough the first time, we definitely didnt get enough here. We had a great time, and Josiah loved playing with his cousins as usual! If you need explanations, just ask:

[rockyou id=97082265]

(Oh, and the three of us are wearing our Aggie gear because it was the morning of the Alamo Bowl)

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Christmas in Hamlin (December Challenge #25)

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our time in Hamlin. We had a great time, I only wish we had captured more of it on film! Here are a few of the highlights:

[rockyou id=97081485]

I should probably add captions to some of these to help explain what is going on, but since we are down to crunch time, we’ll have to do without. Feel free to ask any questions…

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We’re Back! (December Challenge #24)

I bet you thought we forgot about our blog, or maybe we dropped off the planet. Well not to worry, we were only on our Tour of Texas: Holiday Edition! We had a blast, but I must say I think all three of us were ready to get back to our own beds and get our clothes out of suitcases. More posts will follow with pictures, but here is a nice one of the three of us:


(click to enlarge)

Josiah was wonderful! I was little worried about how he would make it sleeping in his pack’n’play for 8 nights and keeping a busy social calendar, but shouldn’t have. He ate, slept, played and pooped like a champ. We had a great time seeing family and watching all the cousins play together!

I didnt notice that he had grown so much in a week, but when we stopped in to see my parents and pick up more Christmas presents(hooray!) they were amazed at how much chubbier he was! He feet are a little puffier, his fat rolls have more fat, and his hair is a little thicker. I can’t wait to put up more pictures, but obviously I will have to save those for the remaining seven posts we need!



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A New December Challenge-er (December Challenge #23)

I just want to draw attention and point my blogging finger over here to Jenny’s blog. She has taken up the ‘December Challenge’ Littlefield style. This means that she is working for 31 posts in December–not necessarily a post a day. So far they have been excellent, comment-worthy posts, so go on over and see what she has been up to.

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1st installment of Christmas (December Challenge #22)

Sunday night we went to my parents house for Round 1 of Christmas festivities. It was a little early, but due to the fact that this is a very busy week (with my other sister having her baby, and all) and we are leaving town on Saturday, my parents wanted to watch him ‘open’ his presents before we left. He was mostly interested in the ribbon and the gift bag, but overall, this was a great start to opening presents. He finally figured out the fun of ripping the very last gift(diapers, woohoo!), so he’ll be ready for next week. As you can see from the pictures, Dirk and I were a little more excited about Josiah’s gifts than he was. Notice the awesome bug book Dirk is looking at: awesome! And who doesn’t love Golden Books?

 [rockyou id=95835571]


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