December Challenge

Since we have not been consistent with updating the blog, Dirk and I decided to copy Robin(I think) and try for 31 posts in December. We thought about doing a post a day, but since while on our ‘Tour of Texas’ over the holidays we may not have computer access, so instead we’ll do as many posts as days. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head to blog about, but there are only a few. Other posts may be pretty lame, but at least you’ll have something new to look at it when you visit.

Josiah has been going through a lot of changes, but I may change that for a December post. Also, my sister Amy is very close to delivering her second little girl! I can’t wait! The ultrasound shows a sweet little girl with nice chubby cheeks. So cute!!! My other sister, Beth, is due in about 4 weeks–and its a BOY! Josiah will have a buddy in Houston. He is very excited, and he stands up in his crib and bounces just thinking about it. 🙂 Lots of changes around here!!

 Update: This was originally meant as a personal challenge to get better about posting, but I am happy to see others are being challenged as well. Feel free to join in and get posting! My first will be up at 12:01 tonight!



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7 responses to “December Challenge

  1. Robin

    I wonder if we can get Jamie to play along, too.

    Well, I bet she never would be able to post 31 days in a row, so we probably shouldn’t even ask her.

    How is the encyclopedia reading coming?

  2. Jamie

    Very funny.

    OK, I’m in. Not only will I post every day in December, but I will make every post title a line from a Christmas song. Beat that, bird girl.

    Sorry, Littlefields, that it had to get ugly in your comments section.

  3. Robin

    Bird girl? Ouch. That sounds like a lame super hero.

    I knew my plan would work to get Jamie in the December Challenge. I did not forsee the Christmas song title thing though. That could be hard.

  4. The Littlefields

    Yeah, the Christmas title thing is beyond me. I think I’ll try for my favorite songs instead. This will be fun!

  5. Robin

    There is a link to you on my blog now. If you could have held your horses and waited until tomorrow, I would have properly linked to you then with my official “December Blog Challenge.”

  6. Robin

    And I still cannot believe that you have never seen A Charlie Brown Christmas all the way through. My mouth dropped open when I read it.

    You really should watch it. And all the mess ups are just part of the charm.

  7. Jamie

    I think we all owe Robin a big thank you for her fantastic idea–the blog world isn’t going to know what hit it with all these posts from us. I wonder what else Robin will do that we can all copy 🙂

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