Long Overdue Josiah Update

 It has been a while since I’ve updated about Josiah and put up some fun pictures. Here is the latest with him:

  • When he went for his 6-month check up and he was 14lbs 4 oz, and 26.5 inches long. For those of you who keep track of such things (me) he’s in the 50th percentile for head size, 25th percentile for length and 5th percentile for weight. He’s a little guy.
  • He is not only rolling over like a champ, but also trying to crawl. He can get on all fours and then rocks, and even moves his back legs but hasn’t put it all together yet. Right now to get places he does a ‘trench crawl'(the only way to describe it) and leg push-off combo.
  •  He can get anywhere he wants–no obstacle is too daunting. Mommy or daddy’s legs in the way? Just squat and lauch yourself over.
  • He has become extremely curious about everything. He likes to watch what we do and take notes.
  • He is eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables. So far his favorites are bananas with blueberries.
  • He is working on finger foods. He loves his little Gerber puffs and has even managed to get a few in his mouth.
  • He is a little heatbox. While some children’s toes might get cold in this little cold snap we have going in Houston right now, Josiah’s toes actually give off heat.
  • His favorite toy is an empty plastic ziploc bag–he likes to hold it with his feet. He also loves a Halloween card that his Aunt Trisha sent him–he loves to look at it and turn it over in his hands.
  • He absolutely loves computers. Whenever he gets his little fingers on the keyboard, he goes to town! He even managed to change my wallpaper on my laptop at a recent ‘photoshoot’.
  • We had his pictures taken again by Chase Pedigo. They look GREAT. I can’t wait to post some up here.
  • We went to the Dr. today because he has been gasping and choking every now and again and we wanted to make sure it wasnt anything serious. The doctor thought it was probably acid reflux and even though there was nothing to do about it, ordered a test to confirm it. After waiting over an hour at the hospital for our insurance to confirm benefits, we found out that we would owe over $400 for the test!! We decided that confirming something we already suspected and cannot do anything about was not worth the money.
  • At the aforementioned doctor’s appointment Josiah weight 2 oz less. We attribute that to the plums in his diet–they have kept him extra regular.

Here are a few recent pictures of the good king Josiah:

[rockyou id=88375998]



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3 responses to “Long Overdue Josiah Update

  1. Robin

    That’s hilarious that he changed your wallpaper.

  2. Rebecca

    How precious is he!!! Thanks for your birth story, too! Can you e-mail me your address? rebeccaandjustin@yahoo.com


    In the first 2 pictures of the slideshow of Josiah in the swing he looks just like Rylan. I am ready to see sweet little Josiah again. I hope you guys are doing well.

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