GIG ‘EM: AGGIES #1; t.u. #5

I have to admit that I love college football.  There was a point in my life that I was disgusted with it, but that is what will happen to you after three seasons with a team working six days a week.  But now I am back to loving it.  I won’t let it control my life, I have better things to do than watch every game on Saturday….like study Greek.  However I do make picks every week with some friends for bragging rights and I try to watch/listen to the A&M games.  I would like to point out yesterday’s outcome of games.

Yesterday the Fightin’ Texas Aggies beat OSU in a close game to move to 2-0 in the Big XII conference.  This puts them sitting #1 in the South division.  That other school in Austin (t.u.) lost yesterday to OU bringing their record to 0-2 in Big XII play.  This is very significant to me.  For years the ranking polls and media have had this crazy unhealthy love/crush on the Longhorns.  Except when they won the national championship a couple of years ago they are consistently over-ranked and this 0-2 start is music to my ears.  Maybe this time they will drop down in the rankings where they belong and the media’s love affair with them will be over (especially ABC’s Brent Musburger who seems to always bring all comments back to t.u.).  I probably would not mind the positive comments about t.u. if they were true.  For example I just can’t agree that Colt McCoy is this greatest QB and leader on the field.  He is good, but not the best I’ve ever seen.  Yesterday they even talked about how 3 of his 4 interceptions last week weren’t his fault….right, that’s it, whatever they say.  I digress. 

All this to say AGGIES SIT #1 and t.u. #5 in the Big XII South!  WHOOOOOOP!




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2 responses to “GIG ‘EM: AGGIES #1; t.u. #5

  1. Robin

    The games are rarely televised up here, and last week’s game was no exception. Every once in a while we can catch one though.


  2. The Littlefields

    You can listen to the games through the aggieathletic website’s partnership with all-access. If the game isn’t on TV they broadcast it on the internet too. The way that this season is going you might get to watch a lot of them on the internet. We may not have a coach much longer–Dirk

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