Newest Member of the Family

Everyone please welcome our new Kitchenaid mixer!


OK, its not that big of a deal to you, but I’m excited because having this mixer will open up new avenues of baking for me, and that benefits everyone! We got it for half price during a refurb sale on Black is not my desired color, but they seemed to base the price on the color and since blue was about $50 more, I learned to love black.

The day it came in the mail I made 4 loaves of bread! Who cares that I was up till midnight?? I learned right then the limitations of my own kneeding skills as the dough that came of the mixer was soft and pliable, and wonderful, and what I produced with my hands was not.

Now, my goal this winter is to make my own marshmallows! I’ve read up on it, and ‘they’ say that the difference between the storebought and the homemade is similar to the difference between the individually wrapped sandwich cheese and the gourmet parmasean. They’re not even in the same realm! So I’m intriuged. As soon as the temperature drops below 60 I’m getting to work! 

I’ll be posting up pictures of the bagels that this baby produces–I can’t wait to see the difference!

If anyone has any great recipes using their mixer, please share!

And of course, here is a picture of Josiah:




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8 responses to “Newest Member of the Family

  1. Grommy

    Have to say, your first attempt at bread with this new machine was wonderful!! please keep sharing your results with us. It was the best I have had in ages! We loved your bagels, even with out this machine! Keep it up!

    And of course we LOVE all the photos of little king Josiah! He’s my FAVORITE Josiah!

  2. Robin

    I don’t like it how the price is based on color. Lame. The color I want always seems to be the most expensive.

    So are you ever going to be able to make marshmallows if the temperature has to be under 60 degrees?

  3. The Littlefields

    kathy wants it to be below 60 so she can drink hot chocolate with it. I however would like rice crispy treats before it gets “cold” here–dirk

  4. Traci

    Marshmallows are so fun! I make them too and give them to the kids’ teachers for Christmas along with some hot chocolate. And homemade are definitely different from storebought – and WAY better. Let me know if you want my recipe – I use Barefoot Contessa’s. Easy easy easy with that KitchenAid.

  5. Robin

    I think it’s ok to drink hot chocolate no matter how hot it is.

  6. Jamie

    Your bread was fantastic! Seriously the best bread I have eaten in quite a while. And I didn’t even know people made homemade marshmellows! It surprised me to hear that just as much as it surprised me to hear that people made homemade croutons…who knew! I usually don’t like marshmellows (except, of course, the fake Lucky Charms kind–love those!) but I would love to try the kind that get made in your awesome black kitchenaid!

  7. Sarah

    The mixer makes really good pizza dough and mashed/smashed potatoes. I’m telling you – crank that thing up on just-boiled potatoes, throw in some milk, butter, parmesean cheese, rosemary, salt, and pepper, and people will ask you to have potatoes for dinner – forget the meatloaf! 😉 Shredded cheddar works well too, just don’t add that until you’re ready to serve because it gets all melty inside and makes a mess. Rinse the bowl fast too – the potato starch will “bond” with the bowl otherwise and you’ll have to soak it over night 🙂 LOVE the mixer!!

  8. Robin

    So are you making marshmallows now that it is colder? I’ve never had homemade ones before, so…you know…maybe this weekend would be a good time to make some….maybe….

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