New Photos of the J-man

Here are morephotos of Josiah. I’m loving this rockyou application. It makes uploading so easy. ALL of these pictures were taken today. It obviously wasn’t a very busy day for us. I know the pictures are a little repetitive, but I put them all in because I feel (and probably his grandparents will too) that each one reflects a little about his personality. Also notice the ones where he is sitting up all by himself!!

[rockyou id=84807774]

Check out this fancy dish I made!


Ok, its not that fancy, but I tried to make it look pretty on the plate for you. It includes cheese tortellini, butternut squash and procuitto. If you would like to recipe, I’ll post it up here, but only if you ask. I’m pretty lazy.




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4 responses to “New Photos of the J-man

  1. Karen

    I haven’t taken time lately to catch up on blogs. I just got caught up on yours, and Josiah is just adorable. I loved the videos. They are all so cute, and it was great to hear your voice, Kathy! Take care! Karen in Russia

  2. Those are great pictures! He makes the cutest little faces. I just love his lips! 🙂 I like the ones on the star sheets the best. The ones crying at the end are like “Ok, ma. Enough pictures for one day!”

  3. Post that recipe! You also make me want to be a baker with that new mixer…awesome!!!

  4. Lee Nelson

    My wife made that two weeks ago…

    Cooking at Home, right? It’s soooo good.

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