Questions from Leviticus

Right now I’m reading through the Old Testament in the mornings and I’m in Leviticus. I always have a million questions about how all the details of the sacrificial system work and here are my questions(if you have any answers/insights, PLEASE share them!!):

1. Did the sacrificial system only work for unintentional sins (4:2)?

2. Did the priests get overloaded with meat and grains from sacrifices–I mean, the part they get to have(6:16-18, 7:6-10)?

3. Did wealthy Israelites feel that they had more of a lisence to sin over poor people since they had larger flocks from which to sacrifice?

4. Did most people honestly sacrifice when they knew they committed a sin?

5. Were guilt/sin offerings offered up for individual sins or did most people try to lump a bunch of sins together in a sacrifice?

6. I just imagine a huge long line of people with their grain and cattle stretched out for several football fields with people camped out waiting to have their sins taken care of. Is that me with a New Testament awareness of our total depravity, or do you think most people took it seriously?

7. Do you get as overwhelmed as I do from verses like 5:4?

I have more questions, and I will update as they come to me, but if you have any insight, wisdom or similar questions, please let me know. I can’t be the only who is unable to wrap their mind around all of this stuff. (Maybe that’s the point?)



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  1. Robin

    I don’t have answers to your questions except for the last one (“maybe that’s the point?”).

    I think that’s exactly the point. If you actually stop to think about all that is required in the law, there is no way anyone can measure up to it.

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