Reason #575 Its great to be the youngest in a playgroup: Precious pjs borrowed from Asher borrowed from Tye. He looks quite adorable in them, as I’m sure Asher and Tye did.

 pict0064.jpg  pict0066.jpg

Request for advice: Any tips/experience with a 5-month-old who has decided that he will not take naps in his crib anymore? He sleeps great at night–goes right to sleep–but I can guess that its mostly due to the fact that he has slept very little during the day. He will sleep in his carrier or his swing–pretty much anywhere but his crib. What is happening? Anyone have any similar experience that I can draw from? Josiah is typically a fabulous sleeper, so I guess I had it coming at some point. Yesterday I let him take naps in his swing, just so I could get a break. But the key is sleeping in his crib. I dont want him training me, I need to train him, but it is terrible to listen to him cry! Today, I’m trying out ‘tough love’ and as I type it has just become silent in the bedroom.. Maybe its working… wait. No, its not. This has been going on for about an hour and he IS tired, I can assure you of that!!

Argh!! Any wise words?

UPDATE: I have figured out the culprit: ME. (I won’t include Dirk in this, although he was present) The past two weekends we have felt bad for him being constipated due to the introduction of solids and we would rock and hold him while he fell asleep, and who doesnt love that? We thought it was great–it is kind of like a drug holding a sleeping baby boy. Apparently, Josiah loved it too! A few times of that, and it was a new routine for him. From his perspective, it’s cruel to go back to putting him back in the crib for naps! After all, we established a new routine!! Anyway, after completely skipping his first nap, we went back to his crib and he went right to sleep. Bad mommy! 


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