Josiah Updates

I guess its time for another post about what’s been going on with ‘Good King’ Josiah(thats his nickname by one of Dirk’s co-workers, and I like it):

He is still eating just cereal, we have switched from rice to oatmeal in hopes of helping his little system out. He has gotten great at working the spoon, and just loves meal times. He has figured out how to roll onto his tummy this week and with it comes a whole new personality! He definitely likes being on his stomach if he’s the one that got himself there. He will stay longer, work harder, and enjoy himself more when he gets there himself (insight to future Josiah?). There are some benefits to being the youngest in his playgroup. For instance, I knew once he figured out how to roll over, he would soon do it in his crib. All the time. This is how we found him this morning:


He wasn’t unhappy, though. In fact, even though he was awake, he was very happy to stay that way and play by himself. Normally when we get up he starts sqwaking to be held, but today, he was content to play with the bumper for a little bit longer. I wish I had taken a picture of him pushing up to look at us behind him, it was too cute.  This morning’s nap he was on his stomach again, but having fun looking at his reflection in the mirror. I know the novelty will wear off soon and Josiah will need to be flipped over, but for now its super fun.

 Recently, Josiah also found his voice. Gone are the days of the muted cry! Now he has a sound that can only be described as sqwaking(as mentioned above). There are moments that I flashback to our cat in Hawaii meowing under our windows in heat–the similarity is uncanny! Josiah has also started laughing a lot. We posted a video a few weeks ago with him giggling while getting tickled. These days, its much easier to get him to laugh. Sometimes just looking at him will get him going. Once he gets going, its hard to stop!

 Here are a few pictures over the past few weeks as well as a few more shots of Josiah at his 3 month ‘photo shoot’ (just for you Ashley!)

[rockyou id=83261382]


And since I haven’t posting much lately, I thought I’d show you what I have been doing:


I’m trying not to eat all that I bake, but its tough!




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7 responses to “Josiah Updates

  1. Robin

    Mmmm…are those chocolate chip bagels? Yum.

  2. Thanks, lady! Those are super-cute pictures. I really like the one in the highchair and the one focusing on his foot. Cutie. His big eyes are adorable!

  3. Bethany

    Oh my goodness!! Those pictures are adorable…and into the corner of the crib he goes…every night. Get ready for it, more fun is on the way.

  4. Jamie

    I like the “he-man” pose in the one with just his diaper on!

  5. Traci

    Those pictures are sooooo cute! The “he-man” is my favorite too. And let me say how impressed I am by your bagels! Are they difficult to make?

  6. The Littlefields

    If you are home for the day they are very easy. It just involves letting the dough rise and boiling them before you bake. Its not at all complicated. I got the recipe off of Its where I get everything, actually.

  7. Rebecca

    He is so precious! All of the pictures capture the cutest faces…almost all different. I love his eyes!

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