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Washington Monthly has ranked Texas A&M the best University in the nation.  I have always thought that we were the best but it is finally coming to the attention of others.  You can click here to see the rankings.  This is not the normal ranking system.  The group takes into account many areas and not just academics (which we excell at too).  While I bask in the light of this achievement I would like to point out that t.u. lost yesterday in football.  WHOOOOP!

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class ’02

[Jamie and Bethany: this is for you. Kinsman-redeemer indeed.  –Kathy]



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World Book Encyclopedia A

Recently, Dirk posted about A.J. Jacobs, a man who tried to follow all the biblical laws for a year. I recommend you read about him, his thought are interesting. Anyway, before delving into the Law, Jacobs also read all the Encyclopedia Brittanica and wrote about his experience. This spurred on a debate between Dirk and I about actually reading through the encyclopedias. I think I said, “it would be really interesting do that.” And Dirk said, “you wouldn’t do that” and from there it got interesting. I assured him I would be able to read them all if I wanted to and trash-talk ensued. I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Especially if its a really random one.

So now I’m on page 67 of ‘A’ my parent’s World Book Encyclopedias. Dirk has looked over at me many times in the evening and laughed as I was deeply immersed in the proper use of an abacus(which is really cool by the way) or the many functions of an adverb. Right now I’m in a tedious 11-page article about advertising. UGH.

I think what really gets at Dirk (he tried to discourage me frequently) is that he is truly the reigning champion of random information. He is extremely inquisitive and loves to know a little bit about everything. Now he is going to be married to a woman who knows just as much random information as he does. Its killing him.

It should be noted that these encyclopedias were published in 1973, the year after my parents got married. Some of the information is dated, but some things never change. Things like using an abacus, or John Adams’ presidency never change. I know that many of the articles of the ‘A’ book were probably never read–unless of course, my dad has already read them all, which is highly likely–so after 34 years, my parents will get their money’s worth out of the investment of these books.

Poor Josiah.


Alright I feel the need to correct a few of Kathy’s errant statements above.  First of all, I will still be the king of random information and I will continue to collect it the old fashion way:  asking questions and watching other people do stuff.  For example I recently learned that if you put old detergent or the wrong detergent into a dishwasher it will bubble up like crazy, spill out on to the floor, mess up the sensors, and the water won’t all get drained out.  That water can and will sit in graduated cylinders all summer and smell bad.  To fix the problem you just run a couple more cycles and it should fix itself.  Or that transpiration is part of the water cycle.  Okay I knew that already but I was reminded of it as we were teaching cycles at school.  Anyway, enough of that.  I give Kathy a hard time and “encourage” her (I like that better than discouragement) because I want her to know at least as much as me.  That way this random information trend will be a Littlefield family trait and I won’t be the only weird one.

Poor Josiah



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Newest Member of the Family

Everyone please welcome our new Kitchenaid mixer!


OK, its not that big of a deal to you, but I’m excited because having this mixer will open up new avenues of baking for me, and that benefits everyone! We got it for half price during a refurb sale on Black is not my desired color, but they seemed to base the price on the color and since blue was about $50 more, I learned to love black.

The day it came in the mail I made 4 loaves of bread! Who cares that I was up till midnight?? I learned right then the limitations of my own kneeding skills as the dough that came of the mixer was soft and pliable, and wonderful, and what I produced with my hands was not.

Now, my goal this winter is to make my own marshmallows! I’ve read up on it, and ‘they’ say that the difference between the storebought and the homemade is similar to the difference between the individually wrapped sandwich cheese and the gourmet parmasean. They’re not even in the same realm! So I’m intriuged. As soon as the temperature drops below 60 I’m getting to work! 

I’ll be posting up pictures of the bagels that this baby produces–I can’t wait to see the difference!

If anyone has any great recipes using their mixer, please share!

And of course, here is a picture of Josiah:



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Learning Opportunity: The Local Church

Dr. Jim Hamilton and the Baptist Church of the Redeemer  are hosting a Redeemer Institute Seminar entitled The Local Church: God’s Program for Evangelism and Discipleship. You can get all the information about it here at Dr. Hamilton’s Blog.  If you have never had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Hamilton speak you will not be disappointed with this passion for Biblical truth.  I won’t be missing this one!–Dirk

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Can you follow all of the rules of the Bible?

This was the task of A. J. Jacobs an agnostic who decided for an entire year he would try not to break a probition in the Bible and write a book about it.  This task mean that he carried around a 700 entry list with him to help him remember what I can assume would be most of Leviticus.  I was hopeful that in reading this story Mr. Jacobs would have seen his depravity and responded to the Gospel of Christ spelled out so beautifully in the New Testament…didn’t happen.  I suggest that read the story here, it is interesting.

Here is one of the quotes just to give you a taste of where he stands theologically now:

“One of the lessons of the book is, there is some picking and choosing in following the Bible, and I think that’s OK.”

May this story be a reminder that we need to continue to strive to preach the truth of the Cross through the entire Bible.  Let me know what you think of this guy’s experience–Dirk


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New Photos of the J-man

Here are morephotos of Josiah. I’m loving this rockyou application. It makes uploading so easy. ALL of these pictures were taken today. It obviously wasn’t a very busy day for us. I know the pictures are a little repetitive, but I put them all in because I feel (and probably his grandparents will too) that each one reflects a little about his personality. Also notice the ones where he is sitting up all by himself!!

[rockyou id=84807774]

Check out this fancy dish I made!


Ok, its not that fancy, but I tried to make it look pretty on the plate for you. It includes cheese tortellini, butternut squash and procuitto. If you would like to recipe, I’ll post it up here, but only if you ask. I’m pretty lazy.



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What is a church?

I like to look at church bilboards on highways (thanks Pope Ed Young I for your signs), signs by the church building (old school letters and fancy electric ones alike), church websites, and church mailers.  I recently ran across a mailer that mentioned a couple of things that I have seen advertised by several churches and it spurred on this rant.  Ready….here goes:

 1)  “Spectacular Sundays,” “Exciting Worship,” “The Most Exciting Time of Your Week” type advertisements are my first category.  I in no way disagree that hearing the gospel of Christ preached is spectacular, or exciting.  However, I have been to some of these churches and that is not what they are talking about.  The time on Sunday morning has become a pep-rally for……well I’m not sure what it is for.  Some are self-esteem rallies others are not too different than what I used to see at pep-rallies at the high schools I have worked in.  At a modern day pep-rally the band plays some fast pace songs to get the emotions all fired up, then a skit or dance, another song, and finally there is some speech that normally makes little to no since (it does however include some form of the phrase “we’re gonna kick their butt”).  I am frightened at the similarities.  Is this what scriptures commands?  Have most of us ever sat down and studied what the Bible says about worship?  It is sad to say no we haven’t.  And I say we, because until the last few years I hadn’t done it either.   I challenge you to be able to defend why your church’s worship service is structured the way it is.  It is an excellent exercise.

2) “Relevant Messages” are quickly becoming one of my biggest pet peaves at churches.    It isn’t because I think that the Bible isn’t relevant, just the opposite!  What I think is irrelevant is a topical sermon series that really only speaks to a very limited number of people. 

Let me explain what I mean.  A sermon about finances really only applies to those people who have money i.e. mid 20s-up and more specifically the 30 yr old business people.  What about raising children?  Oh yeah only those ages 22-45 most likely care about that, sounds real relevant to me.  What it really sounds like is that churches and pastors are courting a specific type of people.  Sermons on money, marriage, children will yield young marrieds and successful (monetarily) people.  This isn’t relevant.  On the flip side take a portion of scripture, lets say John 1:1-5, and preach expositionally through that piece of scripture and you have a relevant sermon to all ages, races, and sexes about the nature of Christ.  Then the next week the next verses in John 1 are taught through, and so on until the entire Bible is taught.  All topics will eventually be taught, but each week it will be relevant because it is teaching and proclaiming Jesus.   Ask yourself this question:  Last Sunday did my pastor preach a sermon that was faithful to the text and was the gospel proclaimed?  If the answer was no, now is a good time to pray harder for your pastor (I assume you already pray for him).

 3)  After I started this little rant I got another wonderful mailer. And I quote from it “No guilt.”  Hmmmm…..I don’t know even where to begin with this.  I’ll probably leave it with this quote from the Gospel of John.  This verse follows an exchange between Jesus and Pharasees after Jesus heals the man who was blind from birth.

(Joh 9:41 ESV) Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no guilt; but now that you say, ‘We see,’ your guilt remains. Obviously the guilt of sin was important to Christ.

 All this rant to say that I have been more aware than normal of the state of the evangelical church in my area.  May we pray for true revival of the Gospel!–Dirk

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