The Three Musteteers!

There is a lot I could say about these three boys together, but I’ll just let the video speak for itself. Enjoy!

Some really cute pictures can be seen here



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4 responses to “The Three Musteteers!

  1. Asher's Mamaw

    I can not believe no one has commented on this precious video. I love it. I see down the road (as only an old lady can)…..I see play dates,birthdays,various pee-wee type sports, and the list can go on up until the wedding days of these 3 beautiful boys. You guys are doing the right thing by recording their lives together. There is no such thing as too many pictures.

  2. Traci

    That is too cute! Love the crying at the end –

  3. Very cute! Josiah’s just like “what’s wrong with these two?” I was wondering if you were going to post those professional pictures anytime soon? You mentioned you would, but you haven’t!

  4. The Littlefields

    Asher’s mamaw: Thanks for the kind words! Its crazy to think this time last year they were just little bumps and here they are, crying on the couch! Time flies!!

    Ashley, I was just thinking of that since his 6 month pictures are just around the corner! I think another picture post is in the works!

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