Josiah has started eating a little rice cereal at lunch and dinner. He likes it until he starts to fear that it is replacing his good ol’ standard milk fare. I keep telling him there is a whole wide world of food out there but he’s a little too attached to just his milk to make any life-altering changes. I keep telling him we’re doing it by degrees, but he’s not so sure yet.


Here is a sweet video of Josiah and Asher playing doing pushups today. I think Josiah found his new personal trainer, since Asher was really giving it to him! Today was the first time they really studied each other and their reactions were priceless! When they first faced each other, they both started grunting and shaking from the inside. It was really cute until Josiah started crying.


 This post makes me want to get a coffee press. We’re slowly moving into a more refined coffee world, but I dont ever think I’ll be able to drink a cup of joe without sugar and milk. Sure you can, but why would you?

After Dirk and I tried out making our own tortillas tonight(yumm, call us if you want to go halvsies on homemade fajitas!), I found this article about other things you can make at home. I’m excited to see what I can do myself! (I think I’m going to start light, like maybe a solar power panel or a backyard shed–oh!–maybe a windmill…)

Look at my pretty bread! Its much better than the one made in the bread machine (I’m sure that the fact it was white instead of wheat had nothing to do with it).

pretty-bread.jpg  pretty-bread-2.jpg

After reading a really interesting article about CSAs (Community Based Agriculture) in the Chronicle, I started readin1g up on fresh produce and I really want to check out a farmer’s market like this one. Let me know if you want to go!

Attention Robin, Jamie and Bethany: I think I found my hobby: baking! I know its not really conducive to dropping maternity weight, but just think, “Man, Josiah’s mom makes the best [insert baked good here]!” Needless to say, Dirk is very supportive of this “useful” pastime.

Dirk started back to work this week. He’s–naturally–not excited about getting back to the grind, but he gets to teach health this year! Dirk has big plans to actually teach health, so look out kids!

 Thats about all for now, I can’t think of any other big or little news to bring you. Until next time….




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7 responses to “Randomness…

  1. rgold

    They are so cute together! I wish I were there…everyone there had or is having boys…everyone here is having girls.

    Baking is a great hobby. It is not so great for your figure, so it is always a good idea to keep a little for you and Dirk and give the rest away. OR you can forget about your figure and just eat it all!

  2. Jamie

    So cute!! I love that they are starting to acknowlege each other! Their expressions were priceless!

    And may I just day WOW! to that bread–you ARE a baker! I like Rebecca’s suggestion…you really should give away some of those baked goods…to me.

    And I totally want to go to the Farmer’s Market! I recently read a post about how we don’t appreciate the value of enjoying things in their proper seasons–we just go to the store and if we want cherries in December, than we get them, instead of enjoying the produce of that season and anticipating the good things to come so that they are that much better in their own time. All that to say, let me know when you go!

  3. The Littlefields

    Rebecca, Thats a good idea, I should give most of it away. Unfortunately, I’m still in the experimental stage for most of my recipes. For instance, salt really makes a difference in a recipe–left out of cookies, they’re just not the same. Who knew?

    Jamie, pick a saturday and we’ll go! I’ve been reading on the same idea, and I really want a cookbook I saw called ‘Simply in Season’–all about cooking with vegetables that are in season, and working with what you have. Its also making me lean more organic, which means I need a garden, since I can’t afford most organics in the grocery store!

  4. Robin

    Yay for your new hobby. I’m still working on the cooking thing, but I try new stuff a lot. If I had my choice, I’d bake all the time….but I would get fat since I have no one to give it away to. Plus, I’d sit at home all day and munch on it while I worked.

    It’s a good hobby to have though. I want my home to be the place where all the kids want to come eat.

    Farmers Markets are sweet. They have one up here every Friday.

  5. Traci

    Baked goods would make wonderful Christmas presents! I send off some of my toffee to friends and family every year and it’s a hit. You could do the same thing.

    The boys are so cute! What a gift to have a first friend so early in life.

  6. The Littlefields

    Yeah, My goal is to come up with my own delicious scones and biscotti to give away. My first attempt wasn’t so hot. I’ve got some time to work on it, though.

  7. Robin

    Be sure to share your recipes on here when you make something good.

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