Thats how long it feels since I’ve posted. Thats mostly because the Littlefield family went up to Hamlin, Texas for Josiah’s first visit to meet part of his family. We had a great time, but I think the new environment was a little hard on him in terms of sleep, but he did great in spite of being in a new place.

Since Hamlin is about a 7 hour drive from houston we decided the easiest method was  to leave in the early evening and try to make the bulk of the trip while Josiah slept. We drove up around 2 in the morning and while Dirk and I were exhausted, Josiah had a hard time getting settled back to sleep in a new place with new sounds and smells. When he finally fell asleep it was probably around 3 or 3:30. I haven’t been that tired since college! Not even Josiah’s early weeks were as hard as the next couple days. We did a lot of traveling and visiting friends and family, and Josiah had a blast!

We had a lot of fun introducing Josiah to his family! Here is a picture of Josiah with some of his cousins. This was kind of like hearding grasshoppers. Can you believe we got 4 kids 5 and under still to snap a few pictures? This is the best one I got:


Here is Josiah and Dirk enjoying some downtime. I know I’ve posted almost the exact same picture before, but I just can’t resist–it is too sweet!


On the way back, we thought we’d try to drive during the day and incorporate extended time out of the carseat so that Josiah would nap fitfully but not disrupt his night time sleep. So instead of a 7 hour drive we ended up making it home in 12 hours– a new record time! It actually wasn’t bad–we shopped, ate at fun restaurants (including the necessary stop at Freebirds in College Station), and generally had a nice, relaxed trip back. This was Josiah’s face when we told him we still had 4 more hours of driving in Temple: (must click on picture for full effect)


And I thought this was a funny picture of Josiah noting his displeasure of having to stop and wait for oncoming traffic in a construction zone. I had to hold the camera in front of him and use his mirror to help me focus:


All in all, it was a great trip! Josiah had a blast staying at GranGran and BigPop’s and can’t wait to do it again!!




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4 responses to “Forever

  1. Jamie

    Josiah’s cousins look a lot like Tye and Asher 🙂

  2. The Littlefields

    You think so?

  3. The Littlefields

    OK WAIT. On my computer and Amy’s it is the picture of Josiah with some of his cousins. On Dirk’s computer and yours its a picture J with Asher and Tye. I dont quite know what is going on yet. Developing….

    UPDATE: ok when Dirk clicks on the picture it is the right picture. Try clicking on it and tell me what you see.

  4. Jamie

    very weird…when I click on it, i see the cousins! How weird! The little picture is still the boys though.

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