Josiah Pictures

We’ve been taking some fun pictures of Josiah lately and we thought we’d share(thumbnails are easier to upload and if you want to see it bigger, feel free to click on the picture):


This is after trying to convince Josiah that he truly was tired–we put him in his swing, and viola!


Josiah discovered his toes about a week ago. He can’t stop playing with them.


Asher, Josiah and Tye


Asher is where the party’s at.


More toe grabbing.


Sweet boy swinging.


That purple circle at the bottom of the picture is a mirror. Josiah likes checking himself out.


Twisting around in his bumbo.


Playing with daddy.


Josiah likes faces. 🙂

Enjoy! –Kathy



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2 responses to “Josiah Pictures

  1. fruitonthevines

    Ooh, I like your new pictures! I think my favorite one is the one where he is admiring himself in the mirror. I like the perspective on it.

    I just posted something new about the book. I was able to read quite a bit today also, but I need to do a few more important things around the apartment now.

    Send me your book list whenever you are done. I’ll start on mine tonight or maybe tomorrow.

  2. jamie

    Cute pictures! I love the toe-grabbing! And I love the expressions on Tye and Josiah’s faces in the one of all 3–they look stunned!

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