I was going through our expenditures for July and we only spent $12 at Starbucks for the entire month!!!! That is a huge breakthrough for us. I bet Starbucks feels the hit since I think we personally helped pay the lease at the one on Green Oak. I can’t believe it. I just had to share: those of you who know us know that is a major deal.




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4 responses to “Amazing!

  1. That makes me laugh! I was never much of a Starbucks lover, but here recently, I think I have become infatuated with them again–I myself just spent $12 in the last two days. Now every time I see one, I have to have a coffee.

    My husband is not very pleased…

  2. jamierives

    Man! A menu…a grocery list…and now a low Starbucks bill? What’s next? Making your own baby wipes (oh, wait…) 😉

  3. John

    I am personally deeply saddened by this news! With out your contribution how is starbucks supposed to fund my collage career…. its a sad day in the world of starbucks……j/j

  4. Jenny

    Oh noooo! What is the world coming to? I cannot believe you will no longer be paying homage to the patron saint St. Arbucks as frequently.

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