Josiah’s check up and our book club

Clean Josiah

(I thought this picture was cute because you can actually see that Josiah has a neck. Pay no attention to the scruffy man holding him)

To celebrate Josiah’s four month birthday, we took him to see his doctor for his check-up on monday. Since Dirk was at summer school and my mom was out of town, I asked Poppy to accompany me to his appointment. I’m not afraid of being there alone, but its always nice for me to have a second set of ears in the room. I’m nervous that I wont hear everything or if I forget what he says there will be no one to ask.

He got 4 more shots at this visit. Its always so heart-wrenching to see him scream and look at you in despair, but the nurses are great about getting it over quickly, and Josiah immediately went to sleep afterwards. He’s such a trooper!

 Anyway, Josiah is doing great. He is 24 inches long(it looked pretty accurate this time, Jamie), and weighs 13lbs 8oz. That totally shocked me! For some reason–maybe it was our inexact method of weighing him on the scale with me or the fact that he’s been in size 3 diapers for over a month–I was sure he was over 15lbs at this point. Instead he is in the 25th percentile for weight and length. I know the percentile junk isn’t important, but it just surprised me that he has only gained a pound in two months!

Dirk and I think that one of the reasons (besides the fact that he will grow at his own pace) Josiah hasn’t put on the pounds is due to the fact that he has only been eating 5 times a day instead of the recommended 6 times for breastfeeding babies. Its just so hard to justify waking him up at 9pm when he is sleeping so soundly and doesn’t wake until 6:45 in the morning!

So probably against our better judgement we got him up at 9:30 and fed him again last night. Everything seemed fine until 3:30 in the MORNING when Josiah would not go back to sleep. I changed his diaper but he did not go back to sleep until after 4! He was so keyed up. AND THEN he got us up at 5:45 hungry and crying. 6th feeding still a good idea? The jury is still out.

 Also,  the doctor gave us the go-ahead for feeding him solids. Crazy! Time has flown by so quickly, I can’t believe we’re already there. Sensing my apprehension, the doctor was kind enough to write out a detailed feeding plan for Josiah to be introduced when I saw fit.  I dont think we’ll be busting out the high chair and rice cereal at least until we get back from Hamlin in 2 weeks. That just seems like a little too much to try to introduce into his life while we’re in a new place.  We’ll definitely be posting up pictures and video of that fun event!

In other news: Robin and I have made ourselves founding members of our very own book club. We still dont really know what that means except that we will be reading books together. I have several shelves full of unfinished books, so it will be nice to know there is at least one other person reading the same book. I hope it will make me finish books and be able to discuss them with someone who is enjoying it as well, instead of making Dirk listen to me explain what I think of it. So far we (she) has recruited two more members! The first book is Jane Eyre. It is pretty good, so far! If you would like to join in, pick up a copy and join us. I dont know where we will discuss the book–so far it has been on each other’s blogs. Any ideas?



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7 responses to “Josiah’s check up and our book club

  1. The Littlefields

    I think that you guys should start a group blog that has you all as administrators. Or start an e-mail groups so no one else can read your deep thoughts–Dirk

  2. fruitonthevines

    Is it weird that I’m already thinking about the next book we should read?

    Another blog makes sense, but I wonder if there will be enough stuff to put on there? I mean my “deep thoughts” are usually “wow – her family is really mean.” End of deep thought.

    Also, everytime I visit your blog, I’m reminded that I just love that picture at the top.

  3. The Littlefields

    Aww thanks Robin!

    Not it absolutely is not weird, because I almost said the same thing in my post but then I didnt want to come off weird and over-excited. What are your suggestions? I thought sometime it would be cool to read Wuthering Heights–since its by her sister and I read the plot when I was getting the scoop on Jane Eyre on wikipedia. There are so many I want to read, its just picking one thats hard!

    Yeah, and I’m not really one for deep criticism of the book…. maybe that comes with reading a lot. The only analysis I have of the book is what I got out of reading “How To Read Literature Like a Professor”. Talking about the book and sharing opinions is probably enough for now. Its all I’ve got.

  4. fruitonthevines

    I have Wuthering Heights, and I kept trying to read recently it at the baseball/softball games….but I never really got past the first page. I always envision me getting hit with a foul ball, so I would watch the whole game. So that book sounds good to me!

    Maybe we should decide early what book is next, so everyone can have it when we start reading (ie – as of Tuesday Jamie didn’t have the book yet).

    We don’t just have to read classics either. I have tons of theology books I want to read, so maybe reading with other people will give me motivation to read them all the way through and not give up when it gets hard. I like biographies and history books, too.

  5. The Littlefields

    I like the way you think. Sounds great to me. I have a basket under the coffee table of (mostly theology)books that I’ve started and have yet to finish. Its a terrible habit.

    I, of course, love the idea of reading biographies and histories too. I’ve got a bunch of those as well. Also, Al Mohler recommended a book for summer reading about the history of Pirates. Sounded like a fun read.

    Do you want to alternate fiction with nonfiction, or just go with whatever sounds good? I like the idea of setting up in advance so we all can get on the same page.

    Also: Dirk suggested that we compile a list of books that we both have that we would like to read and start from there–especially if we have the same ones.

  6. jamierives

    Yeah, as of Thursday, Jamie still doesn’t have the book 😦 It’s not looking good, girls. Maybe I will have to settle for not being a charter member of this club and catch you on Round 2…

    I can definitely join the “Partially-Read Theology Books” Book Club! Let me know when that one starts!

  7. The Littlefields

    Ha–boy do I have a stack of those!! Its pretty sad, actually. There is something especially tragic if I dont have the attention span to finish abook about theology, but I do for fiction. What does that say about me?

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