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The Three Musteteers!

There is a lot I could say about these three boys together, but I’ll just let the video speak for itself. Enjoy!

Some really cute pictures can be seen here


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Josiah has started eating a little rice cereal at lunch and dinner. He likes it until he starts to fear that it is replacing his good ol’ standard milk fare. I keep telling him there is a whole wide world of food out there but he’s a little too attached to just his milk to make any life-altering changes. I keep telling him we’re doing it by degrees, but he’s not so sure yet.


Here is a sweet video of Josiah and Asher playing doing pushups today. I think Josiah found his new personal trainer, since Asher was really giving it to him! Today was the first time they really studied each other and their reactions were priceless! When they first faced each other, they both started grunting and shaking from the inside. It was really cute until Josiah started crying.


 This post makes me want to get a coffee press. We’re slowly moving into a more refined coffee world, but I dont ever think I’ll be able to drink a cup of joe without sugar and milk. Sure you can, but why would you?

After Dirk and I tried out making our own tortillas tonight(yumm, call us if you want to go halvsies on homemade fajitas!), I found this article about other things you can make at home. I’m excited to see what I can do myself! (I think I’m going to start light, like maybe a solar power panel or a backyard shed–oh!–maybe a windmill…)

Look at my pretty bread! Its much better than the one made in the bread machine (I’m sure that the fact it was white instead of wheat had nothing to do with it).

pretty-bread.jpg  pretty-bread-2.jpg

After reading a really interesting article about CSAs (Community Based Agriculture) in the Chronicle, I started readin1g up on fresh produce and I really want to check out a farmer’s market like this one. Let me know if you want to go!

Attention Robin, Jamie and Bethany: I think I found my hobby: baking! I know its not really conducive to dropping maternity weight, but just think, “Man, Josiah’s mom makes the best [insert baked good here]!” Needless to say, Dirk is very supportive of this “useful” pastime.

Dirk started back to work this week. He’s–naturally–not excited about getting back to the grind, but he gets to teach health this year! Dirk has big plans to actually teach health, so look out kids!

 Thats about all for now, I can’t think of any other big or little news to bring you. Until next time….



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No More Swaddling!

Look at our big boy in his long pjs!


We’ve been swaddling him all this time and tonight we switched him to full pjs without a blanket. He has liked being able to grab his feet and we thought we’d let him loose and see how he’d do. He did NOT like it at first, but after a few minutes he realized he could roll around freely and grab his toes. Then he was out like a light! He’s so big!!



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Thats how long it feels since I’ve posted. Thats mostly because the Littlefield family went up to Hamlin, Texas for Josiah’s first visit to meet part of his family. We had a great time, but I think the new environment was a little hard on him in terms of sleep, but he did great in spite of being in a new place.

Since Hamlin is about a 7 hour drive from houston we decided the easiest method was  to leave in the early evening and try to make the bulk of the trip while Josiah slept. We drove up around 2 in the morning and while Dirk and I were exhausted, Josiah had a hard time getting settled back to sleep in a new place with new sounds and smells. When he finally fell asleep it was probably around 3 or 3:30. I haven’t been that tired since college! Not even Josiah’s early weeks were as hard as the next couple days. We did a lot of traveling and visiting friends and family, and Josiah had a blast!

We had a lot of fun introducing Josiah to his family! Here is a picture of Josiah with some of his cousins. This was kind of like hearding grasshoppers. Can you believe we got 4 kids 5 and under still to snap a few pictures? This is the best one I got:


Here is Josiah and Dirk enjoying some downtime. I know I’ve posted almost the exact same picture before, but I just can’t resist–it is too sweet!


On the way back, we thought we’d try to drive during the day and incorporate extended time out of the carseat so that Josiah would nap fitfully but not disrupt his night time sleep. So instead of a 7 hour drive we ended up making it home in 12 hours– a new record time! It actually wasn’t bad–we shopped, ate at fun restaurants (including the necessary stop at Freebirds in College Station), and generally had a nice, relaxed trip back. This was Josiah’s face when we told him we still had 4 more hours of driving in Temple: (must click on picture for full effect)


And I thought this was a funny picture of Josiah noting his displeasure of having to stop and wait for oncoming traffic in a construction zone. I had to hold the camera in front of him and use his mirror to help me focus:


All in all, it was a great trip! Josiah had a blast staying at GranGran and BigPop’s and can’t wait to do it again!!



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Desiring God Online Resource

My acquaintance from the Founders Conference Timmy Brister has just alerted us to another online learning opportunity.  Desiring God Ministries has just made John Piper’s weekend seminars free online.  You can read about it here on the the Desiring God Blog.  I highly suggest that you download and listen to these, they look very helpful.–Dirk


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Josiah Laughing

Josiah is very fun when he is about to get his diaper changed.  Before we went running I got him to laugh by tickling him under his arms.  Enjoy– Dirk

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Josiah Pictures

We’ve been taking some fun pictures of Josiah lately and we thought we’d share(thumbnails are easier to upload and if you want to see it bigger, feel free to click on the picture):


This is after trying to convince Josiah that he truly was tired–we put him in his swing, and viola!


Josiah discovered his toes about a week ago. He can’t stop playing with them.


Asher, Josiah and Tye


Asher is where the party’s at.


More toe grabbing.


Sweet boy swinging.


That purple circle at the bottom of the picture is a mirror. Josiah likes checking himself out.


Twisting around in his bumbo.


Playing with daddy.


Josiah likes faces. 🙂

Enjoy! –Kathy


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