GRBC Recommended Reading

As you all know I have recently decided to post online learning opportunities sporadically to encourage continued learning.  You can check them out on the tab at the top of the page named “Online Learning.”  In that page you will find links to previous talked about resources.  I hope in the future, upon the recommendation of my wife, to link back to the original posts also.  Before I start my rant on this new learning resource I want to point out Timmy Brister’s Blog named Provocations and Paintings.  He is going to start a new series on Blue Collar Theology and I recommend that you keep up with it.  You can read the first blog here.

Ok here we go.  Our church has a link on it’s website called “Recommended Reading.”  I know that there are no class lectures here, but this is an excellent resource if you are trying to find your next book to read.  On the website you will find .pdf files of 1-2 page book reviews written by church members of many different books.  I realized that I had not written about it when I recently wrote a review for the Simply the Gospel Journal (see the side bar) that is now posted on that page.  I hope that as you all continue on in your reading that you will check out this page and get some ideas of good books to read.   Enjoy.

Update:  Kathy is listening to the Medieval History class from Covenant Theological Seminary that I recommened earlier.  Besides the paedobaptistic slant, it has been excellent.  It has also brought up many good discussions between the two of us on the meaning of Baptism and the arguments for both sides.  And yes we’re still still Baptists.



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