Five Years! (indulge me)

Five whole years.

Half a decade.

That is how long Dirk and I have been married.

It sounds like such a long time! It certainly doesn’t feel that way. Dirk and I woke up this morning talking about what we were doing at this moment 5 years ago. My bridesmaids had all spent the night at my parent’s house and two of them went to the garage sale across the street. Jamey bought a bike for her boyfriend(now husband) and Karen I believe bought a microwave–she was about to start grad school at Sam Houston and needed a few supplies (now she is a school psychologist). My best friend from high school spent the night with me on the spur of the moment(so like us in high school!) so that we could catch up over the past few years. It was so much fun. Annabell did my makeup(I am still so thankful for that!), Amy(sister) remembered all the things I forgot, and Beth(other sister) managed to be there for everything while caring for a 6 month old(now about to start kindergarten!).  Dirk spent a lot of the morning alone, and was able to spend time in the Word and write in the Bible he gave me before the ceremony(which I still use exclusively). It was such a great day.

My two vivid memories of that day were praying with my bridesmaids before the ceremony and when my dad and I stood at the door to the sanctuary before the music began and the doors swung open, he kept patting my arm telling me not to be nervous–apparently I was shaking, but I was not aware of it.

I wish we could upload some pictures of how young and skinny we were back then, but since at that time digital photography was still so cutting edge(and our photographer was a dying breed) we would have to go to Walmart and scan in our pictures, and we’re too lazy to do that. Trust me, we were skinny once.

What could I say about the past 5 years? There is so much I could say. By God’s grace we still love each other. We still are best friends. We still could spend all summer together and never get sick of each other. We still make each other laugh. We still have inside jokes from when we were dating. We still like to cook together. We still drink coffee together. We still have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. I still tell him everything about every book I’m reading, and he still listens with interest. I still leave drawers open and he still closes them. He still likes to teach me about the human body, and I’m still learning new things. We still like to talk about scripture and learn from each other.

Yes, God has been good to us.

On top of all of that, we have a precious little boy… 


…who is not impressed.

Thank you, Lord!



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5 responses to “Five Years! (indulge me)

  1. fruitonthevines

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Grommy

    How time flies!
    What a nice day that was–
    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. jamie

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love the picture of unimpressed Josiah 🙂

  4. amy

    that was soo sweet i was tearing up and i then i scrolled down to josiah’s picture and actually laughed out loud, his expression is PERFECT! hope y’all had a great dinner! congrats!

  5. Traci

    We have the same anniversary! Wade & I celebrated our 11th this year – yeah, we’re old…. Also, I added you on my private blog so you can view it (Robin hooked me up with your username). Happy late 5th! Traci

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