Book Recommendation: The Big Picture Story Bible

Sunday at church our pastor made the comment (and I paraphrase): If you do not see Christ in the Old Testament, you are not reading it correctly.  Too many times the Old Testament is thought to be a collection morality tales to remind children not to lie, and to trust God. If that is all you see, you are sadly mistaken.

 That reminded us that we have not yet shared the fabulous book that we’ve been reading to Josiah:

 The Big Picture Story Bible

Kathy’s Plug: We have gotten to know The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm pretty well as Josiah is now in his third time reading the book with us. Dirk and I have been taking turns reading it all the way through with him, and we both have been impressed with many elements of the book.

The illustrations are colorful and fun, and they also express a lot of depth of meaning. Some of the concepts it addresses are complex and we thought it did a great job with trying to express them. The idea of the book is to show children the ‘big picture’ of the Bible: Jesus.  It is an overview of many stories of the Bible all pointing to Christ. It does a great job of maintaining the story and illustrating the major themes.

I would not recommend that you use this in place of a Bible for children, however. There are too many stories left out for it to be considered a true ‘children’s bible. It would be a great supplement to the enforce the theme of Christ all throughout the Bible.

The best part, which makes the book so worth it, is the story of the walk to Emmaus where Jesus shows vividly how He was foretold to God’s people in the past: the passover, the temple, the whole sacrifical system, the promise if a davidic king, and many more.

I’m definitely not an expert on Christian books for children, but I would guess that a book like this is a rarity. It makes it clear that the events in the Old Testament are all a foreshadowing of Christ. Like I said, it leaves out many stories that children should know, but it definitely builds a foundation about Christ being everywhere in the Bible.

Dirk will add his review shortly.



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6 responses to “Book Recommendation: The Big Picture Story Bible

  1. jamie

    Some very good friends gave this book to Asher and I, too, have been so impressed by the way the occurances in Scripture are connected to show how God always keeps His promises, especially seen in the sending of His Son. Like you said, Kathy, it isn’t a typical “children’s story Bible”—but it is so neat to see it emphasize, by highlighting certain events, what I never saw as a child…Christ all throughout Scripture. Thanks for posting on this!

  2. fruitonthevines

    I’ve heard some really good things about that book, too, but haven’t actually read it.

    That’s probably a good gift to get for kids, huh?
    I’ve got a friend with an almost one year old, so maybe I’ll get this for her birthday!


  3. fruitonthevines

    Oh, I’m too lazy to logout of wordpress, so “fruitonthevines” is me!


  4. The Littlefields

    Jamie, I’m glad that you guys are enjoying it too! Even though it should not be called a bible, it still does a great job of illustrating the ‘key theme’ of the Bible.

    Robin, I’ve thought about ordering a dozen just to have on hand to give away to friends. If they ever go on sale, I’m stocking up!!


  5. Rebecca

    Thanks for the tip! We’ll have to get one. I love your new picture on your header!!! Josiah is growing so fast!

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