You spin me right round…

Josiah has a new trick. I doubt that he considers it as such, but its impressive. He did it last night, and to see if it was a fluke I tried it out again. I realize this is probably a normal baby thing, but it was fun to watch. We put him on his belly to work on pushing up(he’s really good at that, by the way) and he spun himself in a full circle while pushing up. His belly never left the floor, so it was something like a lazy-susan spin. This was a span of about 4  to 5 minutes.He was exhausted after he finished, but he did a great job! Here are some pictures:

1. pict0076.jpg 2.  pict0077.jpg 3.  pict0078.jpg  4. pict0079.jpg  5. pict0080.jpg   6. pict0081.jpg   7. pict0082.jpg 

 He made it almost all the way around, but I’m tired of uploading pictures. 🙂 I did not interfere or turn him in any direction, this is sheer Josiah-work. Anyway, we thought it was funny. i’m sure everybody’s kids do this, but we thought we’d share. –Kathy



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3 responses to “You spin me right round…

  1. jamie

    How funny! He’s a strong little guy! Asher still just grunts and glares at me (ok, not really) when I put him on his tummy. Is Josiah sleeping on his tummy?

  2. Can I call him “Josie” too? (like Brad does!)

  3. The Littlefields

    No, he sleeps on his back. I can;y wat for the day or him to roll over. It will be interesting to see how he reacts.

    Michael, you know I h-a-t-e that nickname. If you want to stay friends, you’ll stick with Josiah. 🙂


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