Sermon Audio

I get the itch sporadically to write about learning opportunities that everyone can take to enrich their study of the Bible.  Today’s featured opportunity is Sermon Audio.  This website is a database for pastors and teacher from the world over to post their sermons, notes, conferences, videos, and some live feeds.  Here are some of the people that you can listen to that are very good:

Brad Baggett Pastor/Teaching Elder at GRBC
Dr. Ian Paisley Minister of the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Dr. Curt Daniel First Baptist Church Parker, TX
Paul Washer General Director HeartCry Missionary Society
C.H. Spurgeon The “Prince of Preachers” sermons are read by several people on here.

This a very short selection of hundreds of pastors that have sermons on Sermon Audio.  I hope that you take the time to check them out.  I have the other learning opportunities listed on a separate page.  Click the link in our header!–Dirk

 Special Note: Aside from that, I added a fun page at the top to highlight some fun stuff we’vecome across. You can check it out once your brain gets full from all this learning. 🙂 –Kathy


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