New Design

My wonderful wife decided that the blog needed a new face, so it has been changed.  As you can see the dark blues and black and white picture have been changed to light blues and a color picture.  Everything else is pretty much the same.  I have added two new pages to the blog, they are listed at the top in the picture.  An “about”  page will give you a little information about us and the “online learning” page has some links to places that I have highlighted on this blog.  I will add to it in the future.  Enjoy the new, easier on the eyes blog page

By the way I took that picture of the Glasgow Cathedral on the header.  We were in Scotland on our way into the Necropolis.  I think it looks cool.–Dirk



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4 responses to “New Design

  1. Excellent – change is always good.

  2. I like the new look, too. Very blue and very Kathy.

  3. jamie

    I like it, too. You can’t have too much blue in your life, now can you? 🙂

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