2007 John Bunyan Theology and Church History Conference

This past week GRBC and Simply the Gospel Ministries hosted the first annual John Bunyan Theology and Church History Conference.  This conference’s topics will rotate each year between church history and theology.  The 2007 topic was the Scottish Covenentors and the where they fit in the British reformation.  Gordon Thomson pastor of Brumchapel Baptist Church in Glasgow, Scotland was the key note speaker on the Covenanters.  Brad Bagget pastor/teaching elder of GRBC spoke on beginnings of the British Reformation and the Puritans that came out of it.  And the third speaker was Dr. Jim Hamilton professor of New Testament at SWBTS Havard School of Theology and pastor of preaching at Baptist Church of the Redemmer in Missouri City, TX.  Dr. Hamilton gave a biography of Thomas Cranmer. 

 Why would I tell you are this information?  Well since you probably missed it and would like to listen to some of the talks you can go here to sermonaudio.com and listen to them all for free.  All the audio is here, and there may be some .pdf notes in the futre (maybe).  If you live here in the Humble area you can go to Lemstone Christian Bookstore by Walmart and pick up some of the books that were brought to conference to supplement the talks. 

I hope that you take this opportunity to learn from these men that spoke.  There hope is that you will get an appitite for the this part of history and continue to learn about men and women who have gone before us.  May God give us the strength and desire to stand up for truth!–Dirk



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3 responses to “2007 John Bunyan Theology and Church History Conference

  1. JOhn-mark

    okay so this post made me very happy and very sad. I really wanted to hear the lessons and I missed the whole event due to work so I was pretty stoked to listen to them online, and now I am bummed because the sermons will not play on the site, so you should notify someone to fix the audio of the sermons.


  2. I’ll let Mike know–Dirk

  3. Mike Thompson

    John-Mark: The presentations are fine and completely up and running–always have been. Check that your speakers are on. Enjoy them.

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