Founder’s Ministry 2007 Conference Thoughts

I do not have much time to write this blog so I will give my best effort in a time crunch.  Mike Thompson, Michael Anthis and myself (Dirk) went to the Founders Conference this past week.  We heard many excellent talks by Tom Ascol, Bill Ascol, David Wells,  Raymond Perron, and Roy Hargrave.  We had to leave early so that we could get ready for the 2007 Bunyan Conference this next week so we missed Phil Newton’s talk (but I hear it is good).  Let me urge you to go to Timmer Brister’s blog or PyroManiacs to read the notes they took.  It is a great opportunity to sit under the teaching of these men of God without travelling all the way to Oklahoma.  I figure that there is no reason to post my notes when you can get much better stuff from the two blogs above.  Let me also make a side comment.  Both of those blogs are excellent reading if you have time to read on the internet.

Here is my assessment of the conference over all.  I walked away from this year’s conference and last year’s conference very encouraged.  Most of you are thinking “well duh you spent three days being taught and refreshed.”  And that is true, but I am more encouraged by the commitment of so many Christian men that are part of the Founders Minstries to the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ and not some watered down feel good “gospel.”  I am also encouraged by the sincere concern for their younger brothers in ministry.  Tom Ascol, Ken Puls, and the other men in leadership truely care that we (us young guys called to ministry) have a support structure of Godly committed mentors and examples that can and will invest in their lives.  Thanks for that gentlemen. 

On to the books.  Here is a list of books that I bought while in Owasso.  Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service did and excellent job of providing quality books for us to drool over flip through and purchase.  I got the following books:

By His Grace And For His Glory  By. Dr. Tom Nettles (SBTS)
Abstract of Systematic Theology By James P. Boyce
Manual of Theology By John L. Dagg

For those of you who have never heard of John L. Dagg I have a summary of a biography written by Mark Dever in Theologians of the Baptist Tradition edited by Timothy George and David Dockery.  I quickly adapted this from a paper I had to write two years ago, so please be forgiving when you read it. 

Click this link: john-l-dagg-summary-blog.pdf

One more note:

I feel blessed that I got to meet and talk to the PyroManiac bloggers.  Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! –Dirk



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2 responses to “Founder’s Ministry 2007 Conference Thoughts

  1. jamie

    When you get a chance, check my’ve been tagged

    I know, I know…humor me 🙂

  2. Kathy! Yea! I’m so excited that you posted! Yes, we’re here in Houston, and I’ve often wondered about you too!

    Send me an email–we SO need to catch up!!

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