Dirk and I finally got around to picking up some vital gluten at the store and made another loaf of bread in the machine. It didnt turn out the way we hoped:

pict0099.jpg pict0100.jpgpict0101.jpg 

As you can see it looks like it has a little more height, but it also looks like someone took a huge bite out of it while it was baking. I dont really know what happened there on the top. It looks like it didnt mix very well at all, but it doesnt taste bad. Dirk says its the best tasting loaf we’ve made. I’m convinced that its supposed to make it at least to the top of the bread pan so I know we can do better. I think I’m going to tinker with the recipe.

 In other news, Josiah turned 3 months on Saturday, and to celebrate, we took him out in his first ride in his jogging stroller on Friday. I really wanted an innagural picture of many more runs to come, but we forgot. Here is a picture of Josiah and me after our second run. Dirk actually pushed the whole time, but he opted not to take a picture of himself:


Josiah did great on our runs. I don’t think he even noticed he was in a stroller. He spent most of his time eating his fists.

If you scroll up and to the right, you will see we have posted more pictures on flickr.



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One response to “Updates

  1. Kathy! Oh my goodness! Do you remember me? From A&M? We used to spend quite a bit of time together! I stumbled upon your blog and am excited to see that you are doing well. It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken–I think the last time we saw each other was when you came over to my apartment on Southwest Pkwy and we were deciding whether or not to run by Sweet Eugene’s on the way to drop you off at yours! A&M, ASC–those days seem like a lifetime ago!

    I hope that you don’t mind my commenting–I’m always encouraged to touch base with anyone from those days. Feel free to email me at silvia.mcmanus@hotmail.com or check out our blog (which I rarely update) at http://mcmanuslife.blogspot.com.

    Your family is beautiful! Glad to see that you’re doing so well!

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