Josiah Videos

This is mostly for the grandparents. You know who you are. 🙂

These videos were all filmed today, so this is the latest of Josiah–can you believe he’s already 11 weeks old? Crazy.

The first and second videos were shot before church this morning. Dirk had the idea to put Josiah in his bumbo seat(thanks Robin and Jason!) and put him in the ‘hall’ so that we both could get ready and see him. I put a book we’ve read many times together in front of him and he started talking away and smiling at the book. We thought it was so funny we stopped getting ready and filmed him instead–which is probably why we weren’t early this morning like we were shooting for. Please forgive the shaky camera work. Its hard to get low and film everything while your back is to a closet and you can’t zoom out anymore. 

The second clip is short and its just funny for his outburst in the first few seconds of the clip. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

 The third is of this new thing he has been doing which is jamming his fists in his face and knocking out his pacifier. Its funny to watch, but frustrating when all you want him to do is sleep, but he keeps messing with pacifier. If you listen closely to the clip you can hear his heavy breathing through his hands–he’s really pushing them in his face. Why? Because he can. He likes his new trick.

 Hope you guys enjoy! –Kathy



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3 responses to “Josiah Videos

  1. Ashley (Hartman) Sumners

    Those are cute. It’s good if he’s already over a pacifier. I hate seeing the people at the mall or wherever with a 4 year old with a pacifier.

  2. Grommy

    We are so richly blessed to be grandparents! It has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had……God is to be thanked and praised for His perfect design!! We thank Him daily (really continously) for Josiah and his 2 cousins and the cousins to be!

  3. Oh, man, watching that last one really made me want another baby! He is too cute, so busy with his hands like that. And it’s wonderful that he’s already so interested in books!

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