Tim Challies

After my long run (ha!) today Kathy and I were talking and she mentioned that we need to add Tim Challies blog to our blogroll, so I did.  Let me tell you a little about this guy.  He is a Canadian, yes the country not the small Texas town, don’t hold that against him.  Tim Challies has a number of talents that I admire.  First, he is a website designer.  Anyone who can do that is amazing to me.  Second, it seems that he reads more books than J.I. Packer can review.  Third, he live blogs conferences and pretty much gets the whole talk typed up live, which is crazy.  Lastly, the Lord has blessed him with insight on his blog that is worth your read.  Oh yeah, he also runs discerningreader.com which is a very helpful website I have placed in the sidebar also.  You can find reviews for many good books, and the bad ones too.  So, if you are trying to find a book to read stop there and check out what he and this reviewers have to say.–Dirk

Note: The Discerning Reader is responsible for lots of money spent of books by me–his reviews are very interesting and pique my interest–Kathy



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6 responses to “Tim Challies

  1. When this post showed up in my Google Reader, I read the title and author wrong. I thought it was a post FROM Tim Challies ABOUT the Littlefields.

    I thought “Whoa – Tim Challies knows Dirk and Kathy?” And then a I realized my mistake. Haha.

  2. What is a google reader?

    We don’t know Challies, but I did meet the guy who did purgatorio. He remembered my comments, oh yeah that’s right I used to be somebody in the blogsphere.–Dirk

  3. Google Reader is like an RSS thing. I can put your blog feed address in there (along with other blogs I like to look at) and it tells me when someone updates. That way I can look at one place for updates as opposed to checking your blog everyday.

  4. oh. I use my yahoo mail as the rss feed. Do you have an RSS feed on your blog?–dirk

  5. I don’t really understand things like rss feed, so I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t have a link on my blog for anyone to subscribe to it or anything. Internet explorer has a button at the top of the page where I can click and get to the rss feed for any site and gives me something like this:


    Which is what I put into my google reader to get updates for other blogs, so I guess that’s what you’d put into yahoo.

  6. Sweet. I did not that explorer would do that. I’m going to go and explore now. Thanks–Dirk

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