Date Night and a Singing Zoologist

I think it was more of a dare than anything else, but Dirk asked me the other day when I would be up for leaving Josiah for a night. I took the bait and we called my parents right then to see if they would watch Josiah. I’m pretty sure they were ok with the short notice, I think. I had the milk thawed and all his clothes laid out (he has been known to go through several outfits in an evening) for them when they arrived. It was comical to me because we were going over his routine, his likes and dislikes, types of cries, and where all the emergency items were located–as if my parents have never cared for a baby before. It reminded me of shows or movies where parents are nervous leaving their kids and go over all the unnecessary details–but it was ME doing all of this. My mom was ready to kick us out so they could get to grandparenting. I wish we had taken a picture of the three of them to commemorate the event–his first babysitters! We went to eat a steak, had some dessert and coffee, and went to walmart: all the essential elements of a great date night. It was nice! I did have to call home once just to check in, but Josiah was doing great. They said he never cried, and went to sleep easy. He is awesome. I just wanted to share.

 On another note, my awesome aunt Debbie, who is a fabulous 3rd grade teacher, gave my sisters and me a set of cds from a musician named Lucas Miller. I was a little hesitant, but she swore up and down it was good stuff for kids. I popped it in the other day and LOVED it!! I even made Dirk listen to it! Lucas Miller is billed as ‘the singing zoologist’, and his songs are mostly–of course–about animals, eco systems and the environment. Dirk was pumped because finally there is children’s music out there that he can stand to listen to(we’ve been demo’ing cd’s in the car). The cd we listened to had songs about symbiosis(the partnership between a clownfish and a sea anenome), the differences between carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, reasons for the overpopulation of deer, and the value of poop. It was enough to keep our interest the other day, even after Josiah was asleep we continued to listen and laugh as we ran our errands. I would highly recommend his music if you are looking for a fresh set of children’s music that is quality, fun, and informative. It definitely doesn’t take the place of essentials like ‘The B-I-B-L-E’ and ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’, but its nice to mix it up every now and then. Josiah definitely won’t be able to sing along or even understand these concepts for a long time, but its nice to have it on hand. I recommend it!




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2 responses to “Date Night and a Singing Zoologist

  1. jamie

    I’m glad you guys got to have a date night! It’s so funny how weird it feels for just the 2 of you to be out though, doesn’t it? It’s like you don’t know what to do if you don’t have to haul the carrier out of the car each time you get somewhere!

    And those CDs sound great! I would love to get those for Asher. Another CD we really like is Judy Rogers who does the W. Shorter Catechism songs for kids. You may have to be quick on the “skip” button when the baptism song comes on 😉 But they are really great. When I ask Asher “Who made you?” sometimes he says something that sounds a lot like “God” 🙂

    And now I will conclude my longest comment ever.

  2. Rebecca

    Isn’t it funny how your idea of a date night can change so quickly! We also enjoy reading Tim Challies’ blog…he is a big fan of our new preacher, Steve Lawson.

    Also, I am very aware of “The Singing Zooligist”…he came to our school in Houston a couple of times…very interesting fellow, but the kids loved him!

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